Here, have some bullets!

Walmart may be selling out of ammo, but I’ve got plenty of bullets here!

  • I’m trying to enjoy this week while it lasts because as of this Saturday I will have no help at work.  My right-hand woman is transferring, so that means I’m looking at long days and six days a week for the foreseeable future.  (I know, I know.  First world problem.  “Woe is me, I have a job…”)  I’ve talked to someone that’s interested in transferring into my office, so I’m hoping that transfer goes thru quickly.  And I use the term “quickly” VERY loosely here.  This IS the government we’re talking about.  I’ll be thrilled if it happens before May.  If not, that’ll put me in a bit of a pickle because…
  • We have a vacation scheduled for the week of our anniversary in mid-May.  Not the big one to the Dominican that I’ve mentioned a couple of times.  We’ve still got that one on hold.  We know it won’t happen till at least August, so this one is to hold our sanity over until then.  We’re gonna go back to Destin again for a few days then drive over to New Orleans for a few days.  I’m kind of excited about that.  We’ve been to Destin several times.  It’s always been our go-to spot for a quick, cheap, relaxing beach vacation, but neither of us have been to New Orleans.  The thing I’m most excited about doing while we’re there is volunteering at Villalobos!
  • I got a new wedding band.  My job now is more manual than any job I’ve had since I’ve had my wedding set, and I’ve been scared to death that I would knock a diamond out of it.  Plus, since coming to this new office I’ve had a couple of customers make me feel uncomfortable with their “that sure is a pretty ring” comments.  I know what a compliment sounds like, and this was definitely more sinister.  So from now on, unless it’s occasion-appropriate, instead of wearing this
1.5ct diamond and white gold
I’ll be wearing this
$25 tungsten band from Amazon
  • We got new living room furniture!  I’ll post a before and after shot when we get the new rug and tables and paint the walls.
  • We sold our old living room suite, except for the love seat.  The dogs got to keep that.  Puppyhood rendered our love seat only fit for dogs.  Remember this?
  • I have a new favorite brownie recipe.  It’s by Chocolate Covered Katie.  My friend Shelly made them and raved about them, so, being the brownie whore that I am, I had to try them myself.  Dude.  They were insanely good.  I took them to a Superbowl party, and people ate the shit out of them.  I never told any of them (including and especially the hubs) that they were made from black beans.
I’m worse than a damn child when it comes to being patient enough for brownies to cool before I try to cut them.
  • I’m letting my hair grow out.  It feels crazy long to me!  This is the longest it’s been in years!

Who’s been to New Orleans?  Tell me some must-do things!