PT-2 Concealment Holster Review

We’ve all heard the stories…

“Teen jogger abducted and raped in broad daylight.”

“Investigators are asking for the public’s help after a female jogger was abducted, robbed, and sexually assaulted.”

“Woman raped at knife-point on running trail…”

“Female runner attacked near elementary school…”

“Police investigate sexual assault on runner…”

I think about these things a lot, but it hit too close to home a few weeks ago when it happened in a town about half an hour from here.  A woman was running in town in the middle of the day and a guy tried to get her into the truck with him.  Luckily she got away, but they still don’t know who it was, so the next girl may not be as lucky.

I will not be that next girl.  I will not be a victim.

I got my concealed carry permit a few months ago but have never carried while running because I thought it would be too cumbersome.  But I have always thought I SHOULD be carrying because most of my runs are done on the back roads near my house where for much of the run it’s just me and the cows.  There are times that I don’t see a car or another person.

No one could hear me scream.  No one could come to my assistance.

So as much as I’ve thought about it before, it wasn’t until it happened locally that I put those thoughts into action.  After a lot of searching and review reading, I decided to purchase the PT-2 holster.  It’s specifically designed with active people in mind.  It’s made from a lightweight breathable material with a perspiration barrier so your sidearm doesn’t get sweaty, and they claim it doesn’t bounce if worn correctly.  I tried it out for the first time yesterday.

I first tried it on empty.  The ambidextrous pouch is worn in the front with a belt that wraps around your body and secures with velcro.  I ordered the short belt, which says it will fit up to a 30-inch waist, but I think it would fit probably up to a few inches bigger than that.  As you can see from the photo below, I had several inches of overlap there, and I have a 28-inch waist.  I tried it on wearing it a couple of different ways… high vs low.

Most of the stock photos on the web site I bought it from showed people wearing it lower, but I personally found it more comfortable and more discreet wearing it higher.

Before I bought the PT-2, I checked the holster fit chart to be sure it could accommodate my Beretta Nano 9mm, and it said that it would.  However, when I tried it on with my Nano, I really wasn’t pleased.  It added way too much bulk.

Beretta Nano 9mm with 8-round magazine


That wasn’t going to work, so then I tried my Taurus TCP .380.  I personally like to carry the most powerful piece that I can conceal, so I prefer to carry my 9mm over the .380, but that’s just not going to be an option here.

Much smaller in comparison.

MUCH better!!!!
You can still see the outline of the pouch, but lots of runners wear personal item belts, so it doesn’t stand out as anything unusual like it did with the Nano.

Once I was all situated, I took it out for a test run.  I did three miles with it and came away knowing two things for sure.  First, true to their word, it DOES NOT BOUNCE.  They nailed that part.  And no bounce = no chafe, so that was a huge win.  But second?  This thing is HOT!  It was hot and crazy humid yesterday when I was trying it out, and I don’t like things touching my midsection anyway, so this is just my opinion, but when I was done, I couldn’t get inside and get my shirt and that belt off fast enough.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and I’m also sure that when it cools off outside it won’t be an issue, but I was pretty uncomfortable with it on yesterday.  Just one more reason to look forward to fall.

I’ve also practiced drawing from the holster.  I’m used to drawing from my hip or from the small of my back, so the position of the pouch slows me down by a second or so, but I’ll keep practicing with that.  Having a personal defense weapon with you doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get to it quickly when you need it!

So would I recommend the PT-2 holster?  Without a doubt.  It lived up to all of the manufacturer’s claims.  My only issue is the heat, and that’s a personal issue and not one that a potential customer reading this should let sway them away from buying this holster.  Besides, a little heat is a small price to pay for safety.

***  This post was in no way influenced by anyone.  I bought the holster and formed the opinions all by myself.

Who Dat Doggy Daddy?

Y’all have heard me speak often of my two dogs, Bella and Harley.  And if you know me at all, you know that they are shelter dogs because I would absolutely have it no other way.  They were both adopted from a bully breed rescue, but all we knew was that they had physical characteristics that put them in the “bully breed” category.  We’ve never really cared what their breeds were, but we’ve always been curious.  Well, I had a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket a few weeks ago, and I broke down and gave in to the curiosity.  I ordered a Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA test for each of them.

The kits were delivered from Amazon within just a couple of days, and the whole process of collecting the sample and returning the kit was super easy.  Each kit came with two cheek swabs, an activation code, and return postage to the lab.  Harley’s results were ready two weeks from the day that I mailed them, but for some reason Bella’s took almost twice that long.  I had made my guesses on what the results would be, and I was dead-on with some of them and completely wrong about others.
This is Harley.  My guess for him was most, if not all, American Staffordshire Terrier.
7-27-2014 - Harley's 5th birthday 2
This is Bella.  I had guessed her to have some sort of bully breed  (we had always labeled her an American Bulldog mix), mixed with Boxer and some sort of herding breed.
7-20-2014 - Bella 2 (cropped for painting)
Well for Harley I was half right.  I was completely right about the American Staffordshire part, but as it turns  out, HE’S the one with the Boxer in him!  The DNA report goes back three generations, and his family tree shows that one of his parents was an AmStaff/Boxer cross, and the other was an AmStaff mix.

In addition to the primary breeds, the report also listed the top five breeds that are likely to have contributed to the mixed breed based on other markers that were present but less detectable.  I laughed out loud when I saw English Toy Spaniel on his list.

And as for Bella, I was mostly right about her too.  I was completely wrong about the Boxer part though.  That’s nowhere to be found in her lineage.  But I was right about the other stuff!  She’s our little Bulldog/Belgian Malinois mix!
What’s funny is that I thought that she might have SOME herding breed in her, but she is made up almost completely of herding and hunting breeds!
For the price I paid ($65 each), I’m very happy with the service and the results.  I feel like they are very accurate.  I’m sure I could have gotten a more detailed, more accurate result if I’d been willing to throw down a few hundred bucks for an actual forensic DNA test, but for a cheap, commercial, just-for-fun test, I feel like this was definitely worth the money.


Sometimes the route you were planning to take changes.  Sometimes you encounter roadblocks and have to go off course and do some unplanned twisting and turning.  You’ll still get to your destination, but it may take you a little longer to get there.

I won’t be ready to race RnR St. Louis in October.  Due to the circumstances with D’s mom, I just haven’t had the time to invest into quality training.  I’m running here and there and will no doubt be able to cross the finish line that day, but it will not be in a PR attempt as originally planned.  I’m spending the weekend with two FABULOUS LADIES, so there will be no shortage of good times, and October 19, 2014, is going to be about having fun running through Cardinal Nation and showing my team pride!!!  One of those ladies will be racing her first 70.3 only two weeks before this, so depending on how recovered she is, we may just have to shoot for a new personal worst!  haha  If I remember right, there are plenty of bars on the course.  And how cute will I be in these?!

WTF is it about an article of clothing in the floor that attracts animals???

The PR attempt will be delayed by at least six weeks when I’ll be running St. Jude in Memphis again.  And I’m even toying with the idea of running Mississippi Blues in January since it JUST SO HAPPENS to be on my birthday!  (And probably Little Rock again too since I’m so in love with that race.)  So yeah, my route has had to be recalculated, but I’m not one little bit upset about it.  The time I would have been running (and everything else, for that matter) has been spent with family, and that’s where I both need and want to be right now.  There’ll be plenty of time for everything else very soon.

The Outtakes:

The World’s Biggest Mind Fuck

I’m writing this post sitting on the love seat at my in-laws’ house.  I’m sitting 10 feet away from a woman that medical professionals tell us should not be alive.  Six days ago, we were told we had a couple more days together.  Four days ago, we thought we were at the end when her blood pressure and pulse were dropping, her fever was rising, she was asleep for nearly 36 hours, and was hallucinating and not always in her right mind when she was awake.  Today, right this very second, she is sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching The View (I loathe this fucking show) with her work laptop in her lap uploading pictures to list a piece property.

WHAT.  THE.  FUCK?!?!?!?!

We are all just flabbergasted.  We truly don’t know what to think.  When she woke up from her day-and-a-half nap with more spunk than we’ve seen in weeks, we asked hospice, “What the hell is going on???  Did the doctors miss something???  Were they wrong???  Do we need to be going back to Vanderbilt demanding they not give up???”  They simply told us that she had caught her second wind.  They explained that she’s getting better rest being at home where she doesn’t have doctors and nurses poking, prodding, testing, and examining her around the clock.  A second wind.  But, damnit, it just feels like so much more than that to us.  A second wind shouldn’t last this long, should it?

Nothing could have prepared us for this roller coaster.  Earlier in the week she told us that she had made her peace with it, that she was good with God, and that she was ready, but that she just had a few more things to think about before she went.  Last night she told us she wasn’t giving up.  Today she’s talking about the things she’s going to do when she gets better.

Y’all, we don’t know what to do.  Several of us have taken off work this week because the doctors told us it was time to say our goodbyes.  Her grandson and her niece hauled ass in from Colorado and New York.  My brother-in-law used his last week of vacation this week because we believed what the medical professionals said.  We expected to be planning and attending a funeral this week.  Please don’t get me wrong.  We are so incredibly grateful to have this extra time with her and so happy to see her feeling better.  But again…

WHAT.  THE.  FUCK?!??!?!

What do we do?!  We can’t all stay off work indefinitely just waiting.  But on the other hand it feels so wrong to go back to work too.  It kind of makes me feel like I’m saying, “Well, if you’re not gonna die, I’m leaving.”

I have no idea what we’re supposed to do.  Completely mind fucked.

Things I Never Want to Forget

The past week has been a blur.  Especially the last four days.  This post will probably be as choppy and as all over the place as my mind is lately.

My mother-in-law was airlifted back to Nashville last Sunday night.  Things steadily went downhill with one setback after another until finally on Thursday the doctors waved their white flag and admitted defeat.  They made the decision to stop all treatment and send her home on palliative care for her last few weeks/months. That very night things got even worse when SEVERE pain prompted a scan, which showed that the tumors had become so large that they were cutting off blood supply to her major abdominal and thoracic organs.  Her prognosis quickly changed.  No longer were we looking at a few weeks.  We were told on Friday that she had a couple of days left.

Imagine that for a second.  This is a 58-year-old woman, perfectly awake, alert, and coherent (a state that so very quickly declined over the weekend), being told that she only has a couple of days.  She (as well as we, the rest of her family) was devastated.  As horrible as that day was, and as horrible as what is coming will be, I want to document this time because there is so much happening that I want to hang onto forever and never, ever, ever forget.

Such as…

The family unity in that hospital room upon hearing the news.  As we all were crying, and as MIL was expressing her fears and worries between sobs, we were assuring her that we would be okay.  My sister-in-law reminded her that after her father and brother passed, she grieved and she missed them like crazy every day, but she adapted and moved on and healed with time, and we all promised her that we would do the same.  We vowed to all be there for one another.

Feeling the most pure and powerful love I have ever felt while watching my husband spoon feed ice chips to his mom on her first really bad day.  I had to leave the room to ugly cry.

Watching the fight left in a woman who only has days to live.  The day after receiving the news, she was in the bathroom taking a sink bath (a shower was impossible with all her attachments), washing her hair, putting on lotion and perfume.

Seeing the love my husband has for his mother as he sobs over her unwillingness to give up.

Some of the hilariously funny things she said while under the influence of morphine:
MIL:  *Starts to get up out of hospital bed, IV and drain lines be damned*
SIL:  Mom, where are you going, what do you need, what are you doing???  (Her reaction every time MIL moved a finger)
MIL:  I ain’t doin’ nuthin’!  I swear I’m gonna get me a damn bell that says, “DING!  I’M DOING SOMETHING!”

Some of the excruciatingly painful things she said while under the influence of morphine:
MIL:  Where is my medicine?
SIL:   You’re getting it through that needle in your stomach, remember?  Why, what do you need?
MIL:  I just need to know.  I’m leaving tomorrow.
(We know she didn’t mean that the way we heard it.  According to her, she was going shopping the day before that, but when a dying woman says she’s leaving tomorrow, that’s enough to make all the eyes leaky.)

All of the family togetherness.  MIL has always been her happiest when surrounded by her big, happy family, and we are all determined that she go out that way.  There has been tons of family, tons of food, tons of reminiscing, and unlimited laughter.  The past couple of days she’s been in and out of it, but we want to make sure that all she hears are the happy sounds of her family.  We promised her in the hospital room that she would be surrounded by family for the rest of her life, and we are making good on that promise.  Her kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, siblings, parents, in-laws, extended family, and friends have been there around the clock, some of them coming in from across the county to do so.  The French gatherings and cookouts have always been pretty epic, and that’s how we’ve always celebrated everything–holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings–and now we can add life celebration to that list.  I’ve taken a week of vacation so I can be here and cherish every last second of these final days.

Being a part of her … dreams?  hallucinations?  memories?  Whatever it is that comes at the end when they start talking to people that aren’t there and going through the hand motions of doing things that they aren’t doing.  The past couple of days, we’ve watched her, seemingly wide awake, patting out burgers, even asking for the kosher salt (she’s always been the grill master at these cookouts!), cut her food and eat it, put on her makeup, and fold clothes.  We think she was packing for vacation because the rest of the day she kept talking about leaving and telling her grandkids to go finish getting ready.

The fact that she still hasn’t lost her sense of humor even through the haze of what’s real and what’s a dream.  She woke up once and looked over to find SIL, BIL, and two of their kids zonked out on the couch and asked for her camera.  Apparently the instinct to take funny and embarrassing photos of your children is something that never dies.

Oh, Who the Hell Am I Kidding?!

Turns out all the cliches are absolutely true.

“You won’t miss it until it’s gone.”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Countless other cheesy quotes.

It’s only been like a week since I tried to quit the blog, and in that week I’ve had like four things I wanted to write about.  Then yesterday broke me.  I got in my most recent order from Road Runner Sports AND my St. Jude training shirt, and I was like, “WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL ABOUT THIS?!”  And besides, I got to thinking about the friends I’ve made through this thing, and it made me sad to think that I wouldn’t make any more.


Now!  About this Road Runner Sports stuff!  haha  Last weekend I got on their web site to order some new shoes and just happened to notice that they were having a sale on a lot of their RRS brand stuff, so I started poking around.  I always order my shoes through them, but I’ve never ordered clothes from them!  But I figured I didn’t have anything to lose since I pay for their VIP membership.  If I didn’t like ’em I could return ’em with no problems, so I bought a few things.

The pink one is this one (but the price has gone up a little bit!  It was only $19.99 when I got it.).  It’s so comfortable.  I can’t wait until it’s cool so I can wear it for a run.  My favorite part about it is the zippered pocket on the back of it.  My tights don’t have pockets and that pocket will let me leave my SPIbelt at home.

Easy-to-reach zipper pocket on the lower back right side

And the blue one is this one.  It’s out of stock now, but I grabbed it for only $15.  It’s got the same zippered pocket but this one even has a little hole in it.  I couldn’t figure out what the hole was for at first, but then I thought maybe it’s so you can put your phone in it and run your head phones through the hole?  Sounds legit to me!

I promise that’s just a weird lighting effect.  I have not turned Oompa Loompa orange.
But my most favorite is this jacket!  It’s every bit as soft and fluffy as my North Face plush fleece jacket, and I paid $19.99 for it.  Score!
God, I’m ready for fall.
And while I was shopping I came across these and ordered them too, just because it was pretty economical.  And you KNOW I’m all about the cheap.
$15.99 baby
Salted Watermelon?!?!  What?!?!   It’s awfully damn hard for me to resist the urge to tear into that for dessert.
And as if all that wasn’t enough excitement in one day’s mail, I also got my St. Jude Hero in Training t-shirt! 
Back of the shirt
I didn’t even know I’d get one of these.  I knew I’d get a Hero singlet closer to race day, but this was a surprise.  I’m excited to wear it.  I NEED to wear it and start soliciting donations!  I’m still a long way off from my fundraising commitment!  Probably because I haven’t tried short of one Facebook post the day I signed up for the race.  haha  If any of you are so inclined, you can help me reach my goal here!