First I post my 100th post earlier today.

Then I check my running log to see where I’m at for September–94 miles.  So guess what I did this afternoon.

Yep, you guessed it!  I ran 6 miles to round out September to an even 100 miles!  My first 100-mile month ever!!!


Three Things Thursday – The Three W’s

Wicked, Wooly Worms, and (Robin) Williams, that is.

1.  For her birthday, I bought tickets for my mom and I to see Wicked in Memphis on 10/24.  I’ve heard great things about this production and I CAN’T WAIT to see it!

2.  I saw the first wooly worm of the season while I was running Tuesday.  I actually saw two that evening and one today.  All three of them were solid orange.  According to the old folks, that means we will have a mild winter.  I hope they’re right!  We had it pretty rough last year!

3.  Also while running Tuesday, my iPod threw some Robin Williams at me.  I had loaded it using the random setting, and it loaded the entire Robin Williams Live at the Met CD on it.  Guys, if you have never seen/heard this performance, do yourself a favor and GET ON IT!  It’s hilarious!  (Especially the golf skit at the end.)  I listened to it for a little bit but had to skip over it because the laughter was slowing me down.  Passersby surely thought I was on crack.

Hmmm…this was my 100th post.  I expected more fanfare.  Maybe some confetti or streamers across my monitor?  But, nope.  Nothing.

New Territory

Here I am, folks. Right smack in the middle of marathon training. This means I’m now moving into new territory. Until last Saturday, the longest I had run was 13.1. Twice. Then last Saturday called for a long run of 15. I’ll be completely honest with you. That number intimidated the living crap out of me. Perhaps that mental psyche-out had something to do with the COMPLETE AND TOTAL SUCKFEST that took place Saturday morning. It was a horribly pathetic excuse for a run. The first ten were OKAY, but at 11.5, my legs said to me, “Okay, that’s it, we’re done.” I had to do a run-one-minute-walk-one-minute thing just to get home. I ended up at 14 miles and won’t even embarass myself by telling my overall pace. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and there were tears. Oh, yes, there were tears.

But after the initial emotion and disappointment passed, I felt better. I knew that I had just come off of an awesome long run the weekend before. Obviously I didn’t forget how to run over the course of a week. It was just a bad run. It seems I’m getting into quite the pattern! For the life of me, I cannot have two good long runs in a row. I’ve been in this every-other-week pattern for quite a while now. That just means I’m due for a good 16-miler this weekend!

I was also told by my awesome friend, running mentor, and Vegas running partner that it’s time to up the daily calorie intake, so I’ve been working on that this week.

And what a difference three days and a few extra calories can make! After taking off Sunday and Monday, I put up a solid eight miles tonight at a 10:34 pace (which is really good for me), and it felt spectacular. I can’t say that I was looking forward to going out for eight miles after working all day, but once I got out there and got going I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And THAT’S the way it SHOULD be!

Three Things Friday – Because I’m Rebellious Like That

#1 – This just hasn’t been my week. I know there are good runs and bad runs, and it still just amazes me how quickly that switch can flip! I kicked butt all last week, and this week has gone something like this:

Tuesday – OK, Tuesday was another butt-kicking day. Another great hill workout. So we can’t count Tuesday.

Wednesday – Wednesday’s run was nonexistent. I had to work in Memphis Wednesday, and that’s 2hrs and 40mins from my house one way. That made for a 13-hour day, and I just didn’t have an ounce of energy left in me.

Thursday – I made up my seven miles from Wednesday night, opting to miss my four-miler. Or at least I attempted to run seven. I was highly unsuccessful. See #2.

#2 – We’ve been having some really hot temps here again this week. It was over 100 again Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday wasn’t much better. To those who claim that everyone acclimates to running in the heat, I call bullcrap! I’ve been doing this all summer, and I was no more successful in my run yesterday than I was in May. I fully believe that some of us just don’t have it in us to run in hot weather. My radiator just doesn’t work like most people’s. No matter how easy I try to take it, when the temps are high, my heart rate just gets out of control. But, THANK GOD, fall is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. Our 10-day forecast shows highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

#3 – I learned this week that Oprah ran a marathon. I am apparently the last person on earth to hear this. When I heard about it, I googled it and found a lot of articles–many of them along the lines of “How Oprah ruined the marathon,” referring to how she opened the door for a whole new population of people: non-athletes. I was actually kind of astounded by the negativity. I guess I’m spoiled to the bloggy world where everyone is so supportive of everyone else. It never occurred to me that the rest of the running community might feel differently and might resent us amateurs for invading their once-sacred sport of marathoning.

Power Balance or Power of Suggestion?

This April at the Nashville CMM expo, there was a vendor booth set up and they were peddling a product I’d never heard of before:  the Power Balance bracelet.  Two small holograms in a black rubber band.  Looked cheesy enough.  So of course I had to stop for a demo.

I was very intrigued. The mini tests he put me through made it seem that there really was something to his claims that the bracelet made you more balanced, stable, and stronger with better endurance… but I walked away without purchasing one.  (Duh, this is an EXPO.  I don’t go to BUY stuff.  I go to get FREE stuff.)

I mentioned it to my husband and showed him the web site, but that was months ago and I hadn’t thought anything else about it.  But then a couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  He had ordered one for me!  (That’s right.  I don’t get flowers or jewelry.  I get rubber bracelets.)

I wore it on my five-miler that night and couldn’t tell any difference whatsoever.  I tossed it in a drawer thinking, “What a crock.”

Then, funny enough, Amanda @ RunToTheFinish posted about her Power Balance Bracelet a few days later. She seemed pretty convinced that there was something to it, so I thought, “What the hell, I’ll give it another try.”

So I did.

Last Tuesday – On a 3-mile fartlek, I PR’d the distance.

Last Wednesday – On what was supposed to be a 6-mile pace run, I PR’d the distance.

Last Saturday – I was scheduled for a long run of 13 miles.  I totally bonked and quit even attempting to run after 8.  I walked two miles home for an even 10 miles.  I realized later that day I had forgotten my bracelet.


Tuesday – Even though legs were sore from Monday, I still had a very successful four miles.  It was meant to be an easy run and although my exertion level was low, I still ended it with an average pace that was way faster than I expected.

Thursday – An uneventful seven miles.  Can’t say anything good or bad about that run.  It was fairly tough, but I ran it after I had been at work all day, and it was still pretty freakin’ hot outside when I started it.

Today – I decided to try 13 miles again in light of the disastrous 13 the prior week.  It felt freakin’ awesome.  I kept a slow and steady pace throughout the whole 13, never overexerting myself.  I finished strong and even tacked on an additional tenth of a mile just for giggles to see how much I beat my current HM PR by.  Yep.  I PR’d the half mary distance on my first 13-mile training run of the season.

So is there really something to this bracelet thing?  Is it all in my head, the Power of Suggestion, the placebo effect?  I don’t care either way.  It’s earned a permanent place on my right wrist.

Good Genes…Some Got ’em, Some Don’t

I’ve mentioned it here and there before, but let me just put it right out there for you as bluntly as I can.  My husband does NOT make the best lifestyle choices.

1.   He smoked for years (but is now almost three years smoke-free!!!).
2.   He does not exercise–and he will argue with me when I tell him that even though he’s physically active with his job it’s not the same as good ol’ cardio.  (He’s one of those loathsome people who have never HAD to exercise to maintain their physique.  He used to lift weights but hasn’t in years.)
3.   He eats like shit!  McDonalds or bologna and cheese EVERY day for lunch.  And on the nights that I cook something that he deems unfit for his palate (read: vegetables), you’ll find him eating a frozen pizza.  Washing it all down with Coca Cola Classic with Little Debbies for dessert.  That is at least two nights a week.  A couple of nights ago I made curried quinoa with a buttload of roasted carrots, broccoli, and asparagus (I realize that might not all go together, but it was in the fridge and needed to be used up!).  He wouldn’t even try it.  And it was freakin’ delicious, if I do say so myself.

Combine these habits with the fact that his dad and all his dad’s brothers had heart attacks and/or bypass surgeries before their mid-50s, and you can see why I would be concerned.  And why hubby SHOULD be concerned.  But I’ve never been able to get him to take it seriously, or even get a physical for that matter. 

So how happy was I when our insurance agent told us that a physical was mandatory in order to purchase a new life insurance policy!

The agency sent an EMT to the house to check him out real good and draw blood.  We just got the results of his blood work back, and guess what.


Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’m ridiculously happy that my husband is healthy and will be around for a looooooooong time to come.  But REALLY???  Not even a little bit of high cholesterol so I can say, “I told you so!”  Not even just a LITTLE glucose in the urine to give me some ground to stand on when I tell him he’s got too much sugar in his diet?

I haven’t had my physical yet, but I’m telling you right now that when I do, if my blood work comes back as being less healthy than his I’m hanging up my running shoes, withdrawing from the marathon, and entering the nearest hot dog eating contest.

Highs and Lows

High – Going to FL.
Low – Getting a phone call from mother-in-law the Thursday we were in FL with some very shocking news.
High – Long run in FL of 11 miles at 11:05 pace.
Low – Chafing between my ass cheeks during that run.
Low – Coming home.
High – Seeing my critters.
Low – Finding out more details on the shocking news that my MIL called about.
High – Memorial Day with the family.
Low – Father-in-law lost his job after 41 years with the same company.
Lower than low – Realizing (again) that people are evil.  They will do or say anything if they think they have something to gain from it, no matter how much of a LIE it is or how much it will make someone else suffer.
Even lower than that – Realizing how truly effed up our justice system is.  Innocent until proven guilty, my ass.
Low – Going back to work after 10 days away.
High – At least I have a job to go back to.
High – Set a new 3-mile PR.
High – Set a new 6-mile PR.
Low – Couldn’t hack it during my scheduled 13-mile long run today.  Cut it to 10 miles and walked the last two of those.  Stress?  Lack of sleep?  Dehydration?  81 and no shade?  Probably all of the above.
Low – Chafed arm pits.

I’m really struggling right now.  Not with the running.  Screw the running.  This was one bad day.  We all have them.  I ran strong during my midweek runs.  Next weekend will be better.  I’m struggling emotionally.  I hate seeing the people I love hurting.  I hate the fact that it’s so senseless.  I hate the fact that we live in such a litigious society.  I hate people that want something for nothing and will do whatever they can to try to get it.  I hate the fact that our judicial system caters to these people.  I hate the fact that I’m so weak that I’ve let these people get to me the way they have.  I hate that I’m struggling with my faith right now.  As a Christian, I know I’m supposed to pray for my enemies, and I hate that I’m not strong enough to do that.  Well, I’ve DONE it, but come on, this is God we’re talking about.  He knows I didn’t mean it.  He knows what I really feel in my heart, and He knows that it’s nothing but pure and raw hatred.

I keep telling myself, “God’ll get ’em.”  But how wrong is it that I want a front-row seat when he does?

That’s What She Said

A few weeks ago Bobbie at 2010 Journey in Running hosted a Snorg Tees giveaway, and LUCKY ME, I won!  As I was browsing their site to pick out my shirt, I saw this one and knew I had to have it.

Love it!


This shirt kind of sparked a conversation between me and my husband, too.  I wore it out one night while we were on vacation.  There were all these dolled up Barbie chicks walking around in their short skirts and hooker heels (no hate for the heels–I have ’em too!), and then there was me in my That’s What She Said t-shirt, ripped Aeropostale jeans, and Old Navy flip-flops.  He loves the fact that I can wear that and be totally confident, and I love the fact that he loves that.  I think that’s just something that comes with age.  I look at those girls now and think, “Could you possibly try any harder?”  Don’t get me wrong, I like to wear cute outfits when we go out too!  But, man, my ass sure does look good in those jeans…