Another Year Down

Goodbye 2009. It’s been one hell of a year. It’s had some really awesome highs and some horribly low lows. All in all, I feel blessed that the year has been as good to us as it has. We are healthy, we are employed, and we have a roof over our heads, and in these times that’s an accomplishment. But I’m ready to see 2009 go. It’s been an emotionally draining year, and I’m ready to move on to whatever 2010 has in store for us.

Apparently we’re not doing anything to ring in the new year tonight. The past several New Year’s Eves have been spent in a bar, and we just really don’t want to do that again. It gets old after a while. And every single person we have asked to do anything with us tonight can’t because, “Well, we’ve got the kids tonight,” or “We don’t have a babysitter,” or “Little Junior is having a sleepover.” (Future rants on this topic to come.) So tonight it’s just me and the hubs spending the night in. I will try to stay awake until midnight, and I will try not to dwell on the fact that this is the last New Year’s Eve I will celebrate in my 20’s.

I want to wish anyone reading this loads of happiness and the best that life has to offer in the New Year. Have a safe one, everyone!


What’d I tell ya? Monday showed up about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, bit my ass, and hasn’t let go yet! The ONE DAY that I have plans after work and need to get out on time is the day that our retail system goes down. And, lucky me, being the boss, I can’t be like, “Okay, see y’all tomorrow! Good luck with that!” I get to stay and battle the IT help desk over the phone. So I was way late for my dinner/drinks/shopping date with my friend, which just burned me up because I so very rarely get to do anything social with any of my friends, but that’s another post for another day. But we had an awesome time anyway. 🙂 Then I came back to work this morning and the fun started all over again. Ugh. I found out that I’ve got some competition for this job that I’m in the process of applying for. I still think that I’ve got a pretty darn good shot at it, but I was handling it better when I thought I was the only really qualified person applying for it. This other woman that I found out about yesterday is already has the same title, but it’s at a really small office, and if they award her this office it would be a pretty big promotion for her. Whereas if they give it to ME, it’s a downgrade from my current position. I hope that makes them more inclined to go with me. But who knows… I’m trying not to worry too much about it. It will be what it will be and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Open Mouth, Insert Shoe

Okay, I just saw a commercial for these and it reminded me again of just how severely I stuck my foot in my mouth at Christmas. You’ve seen these, right? They’re the Skechers Shape-Ups, designed to “tone your muscles, promote healthy weight loss, and make it easy to get in shape.” Wear these magic shoes and ABRA CADABRA your calves will be toned, your thighs will stop traffic, and you can bounce a quarter off your ass! Okay, so that last bit isn’t in the commercials. I tend to exaggerate sometimes.
Anyway, on Christmas Eve, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were both talking about how they each wanted a pair. Of course I would be the one to open my big, fat mouth and make a huge deal out of how hideously ugly they are (Just look at ’em! They’re FUGLY!), and how ridiculous the advertising was. Did I stop there? No. I proceeded to climb on my soapbox and preach that if you want to lose weight or tone up that you actually have to *GASP* exercise and back yourself up away from the table! Fast forward two hours to when we’re opening presents. How AWESOME did I feel when these two fine ladies each opened a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups? Yes, that’s right. They had each gotten the other a pair for Christmas. Sometimes I love being me.

Not-so-Manic Monday

It kind of scares me when I have a Monday this good! I’ll be looking over my shoulder the rest of the week just waiting for Monday to sneak up on me and bite my ass when I’m not expecting it. It’s not that anything SPECTACULAR happened or anything… it was just a good day! No major problems at work, good workout at the gym afterwards, came home and made a lasagna that turned out really yummy, and now I’m sitting on my couch in my sweats watching How I Met Your Mother. A good Monday!

My legs are starting to tighten up a bit from my workout. I mentioned yesterday that I needed to start preparing myself for the hilly course I’ll be running in April, so I figured that today was as good a day as any! I got on the eliptical and set it on a high resistance level and elevation and pumped away for half an hour. Felt great! Then I did a little upper-body stuff. Just because. I’m starting to get the 30-something arm flappage in the area that used to be fairly well-defined triceps. I can’t be having that shiznit.

So I’ll be sitting right here in my little spot on the couch that is molded with the imprint of my ass the remainder of the night enjoying what little bit is left of this not-so-manic Monday. I raise my beer and say to you, “Here’s to an even better Tuesday!” How do I know it will be a good Tuesday? Because I have plans for a girls’ night out tomorrow night! I’m WAY overdue for a little girly time, so, my friends, tomorrow will definitely be a good day. 🙂

Losing my blogging virginity

Hmmmmmm….. so this is what it feels like to blog. Well this isn’t so bad. Except that I just really don’t know where to start. So let’s start with the obvious.

Hi! I’m Pam. Nicetameecha! (That’s “nice to meet you” for you phonetically challenged folk!) I am a dangerously-close-to-30-year-old married female living in rural West Tennessee. I am married to my best friend, Dewayne, and we have two critters, CC & Bella. CC is a very much overweight 11-year-old gray tabby cat, and Bella is a very hyper 9-month-old mama’s girl American Bulldog puppy. They are our only children so far. I work for the Postal Service. I’m technically the supervisor of customer services at a large office, but I have been on a detail assignment as Postmaster in a small office for more than a year. Anyone reading this, please keep your fingers crossed for me as I have just applied for the position permanently. I want so badly for that to become my permenant job. Quite frankly, the thought of going back to the big office with all of its headaches and stressors makes me want to slit my wrists. Or drink a bottle of wine. I guess it depends on what I find in the kitchen drawer first–a knife or the corkscrew. I know, I know… the economy is shitty and I should feel lucky to have a job to go back to if I DON’T get the Postmaster position. And I do. I guess. It’s just that I hate my job. *SIGH*

Okay, what else? …. I run. Not very fast, but I do run. I actually am just starting to get into it. I ran my first half-marathon in November, and I have only been running since July. It wasn’t pretty, and my time sucked big ol’ balls, but I finished, damnit, and that’s more than most of you can say!!! And now I’ve gone and signed up to do it again in April. I haven’t been doing much running since the HM in November, so I’ve really gotta get my ass in gear and get out there if I am going to improve my time in this next one. (Although, seriously, I didn’t really set the bar too high for myself. If I run it faster than 2:42:33, I’ve PR’d. See? Told you I didn’t run fast.) I took a couple of weeks off right after the race because of some tendinitis in my foot, and by the time that was better it was Thanksgiving, and then work was picking up and I was later getting home, and the days were shorter, so I didn’t have a lot of time to run before it got dark, and I HATE a damn treadmill with a passion… is that enough excuses yet? Okay, thanks. Anyway! I DID, however, just finish a four-mile run this morning, and I set a new PR thanks to my new Garmin Forerunner that my fabulous hubby got me for Christmas! =D I really didn’t realize how slow my pace was going uphill. MUST WORK ON THAT. Because the HM in April is known as being a hilly biotch.

So I’m really not sure yet what this blog is going to turn out to be. Some running, some venting, some humorous… I guess I’ll just go where it takes me and write what I’m feeling when I sit down at the keyboard. Right now the only thing I’m feeling is content. I PR’d a run this morning, the house is quiet and warm, my dog is asleep beside me, and my belly is full of left-over pizza. I mean, come on. Does it get any better than this?