Here a Gimp, There a Gimp…

Seriously.  WHAT is with this epidemic of injuries???  This is my first year that I’ve really been into running and socializing within the running community… Is it always like this?  Is it all coming to a head now because most everybody is at the peak of their training season in the fall?

I don’t follow just a whole lot of blogs, but a very high percentage of the ones I do read are (or have been) dealing with injuries!

I think Ethan was first with his hip/leg/knee issue.  (He hasn’t posted since about a month before he was supposed to run Chicago.  Does anybody know if he was able to or not?)

Molly was unsure for a while whether or not her hamstring was going to let her complete her marathon.

Julie’s guts started falling out when she ran.

Kate’s leg kept her from toeing the line at Malibu.

Beth had to withdraw from Denver when she suffered a femoral neck stress fracture THE WEEK BEFORE THE RACE when she went “balls out” on a tempo run.

Jen did battle with a bruised tibia as well as an angry IT band during the last few weeks of her training but was ultimately able to rock the MCM.

Tricia has been dealing with her knee issues for some time but gritted her teeth through delirium-inducing pain and completed San Antonio anyway.

Same goes for Chris and his sub-4:00 at the OBM marathon despite his knee pain.

Jamoosh still isn’t fully recovered from foot surgery, and now his knee is “jacked” too.  Yep.  Jacked.  That’s the official diagnosis.

Julie, Sherry, and I have all been babying our knees for the past few weeks.

And now Amanda’s knee hurts too!

I’m sure there are more that I’m just not thinking of right now.

But the one that I am the most upset about…

My Vegas Running Buddy, is sidelined.  She KILLED a 20-miler Sunday but had some knee pain with clicking afterwards.  She rested it a couple of days, but then when she tried to test it out and run again Wednesday the knee pain was far overshadowed by lower leg pain. 

She saw her sports doctor yesterday, and he ordered an MRI for today.  But just from physical examination he suspects a tear in the meniscus and a stress fracture.  ONE of those would be enough to do a person in.  We’re hoping for the best, but right now it’s pretty hard to be optimistic given the circumstances.

8 thoughts on “Here a Gimp, There a Gimp…

  1. I've been shocked by the number of injuries I've seen people dealing with as well. I hope the best for your running buddy! It sucks when everyone has put in so much time and effort to be sidelined with something.


  2. Pam – that is a crazy number of injuries, but I think you are right that we are all just in peak training and it's bound to happen to some of us. I am very happy to say that my knee and hip must have got my letter b/c they are feeling much better!!! I still won't have a stellar time for my first marathon, but at least I am confident of finishing it at this time! I am praying daily for your knee that it stops giving you trouble! Thanks for the links to everyone else, more blogs to read! Have a great one!


  3. I'm so sorry I cannot run Vegas with you. I feel like such a loser that I talked you into running one, then I cannot do it!! Dang that stress fracture and a tear in the meniscus!!! I am not happy but look at it this way, I'll be cheering you on from the side lines, you HAVE to get that medal, it's for the both of us!!!!


  4. Hey pam! I can't find your email anywhere here. Anyway, at least we all belong to the same club. The Injured Club. Boo! So does that mean you're running alone? We can also meet at the expo. =) Maybe we can also do a bloggie meet up with Tall Mom and other bloggie friends running RnR Las vegas. =)

    email me: admin(athotlegsrunner(dot)com


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