Injured Runner’s Log: Day 13

It’s funny how when a pain or injury is still relatively new that you can have brief periods where you forget about it.  That happened to me this morning.  It’s my first Saturday off in quite a while.  When the noise of a dog stirring woke me up this morning, I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was sunshine.  For just a split second I thought, “Beautiful day for a run!”  And then I remembered.  I won’t be running today, just like I haven’t run the last 12 days.

The steroid taper that my M.D. gave me was completely useless.  I may as well have taken Tic Tacs.  They afforded me no relief whatsoever.  I didn’t even have any of the side effects that everyone told me would come with steroids either though, so I thought it wasn’t a high enough dose.  So on day 4 of the 6-day taper, I called my M.D. back and asked him for a stronger one or something different, and of course the money-hungry bastard said not without seeing him again.  Fuck that.  I told him thanks but no thanks.  If I was going to have to go back to see someone, i was taking it to the next step.  I called the sports orthopedist that I saw back in 2010 when I had such severe IT band and associated knee issues.  As luck would have it, when I called at 10:30 last Monday morning, they had just had a cancellation for a 4:15 appointment that afternoon.  I snatched it up and made arrangements to leave work early enough to make the almost-two-hour drive from my office to the sports clinic.

The first thing they did was take x-rays before I even saw the PA or the doc.  Almost as soon as I stood up from the x-ray table, I met the PA and he began the history and physical.  He put me through a VERY thorough exam.  There was a whole lot of “Do this.  Does that hurt?  What about when I do this?  Now you do it.  Does that hurt?  What can you do that does make it hurt?”  Again he agreed that it was soft tissue.  Shortly afterward, the main dude, Dr. Nord, came in after looking at my x-rays.  He did some of the same things his PA had already done.  Another vote for soft tissue.  The only thing the x-ray showed was some calcification on the labrum.  So that means that it has been torn at some point.  Is it still torn?  Is the calcification what’s causing my pain now?  Is there something else?  To get answers to these questions, I’m scheduled for an MRA with contrast on Wednesday afternoon with a follow-up appointment with Dr. Nord for the results the next Monday.

In the meantime, I’m continuing with the anti-inflammatories.  He gave me one called Duexis, which is basically just 800 mg of ibuprofen but with a built-in tummy protector.  It’s good for a band-aid.  It gets me through my day relatively pain free.  As long as I don’t try to run, that is.  That still hurts to even try even when my resting pain level is at its lowest.  My spin bike and I have spent a lot of quality time together.  Shit, I even went to a yoga class this morning.  (More on that later.  Spoiler:  I was not impressed.)

So for now, I’ll just keep doing what I can to preserve some level of fitness and not get fat, (Also funny is how your relationship with food changes when you know you can’t burn off the calories.  haha), but I can feel my positive attitude slipping away.  I’ve been telling myself, “This is just temporary… you’ll be back at it in no time…”  But I’m having more and more trouble selling that to myself now.  I’ve pretty much convinced myself (and I’ve had some help) that this is something that’s gonna take a long time to make right.  So if any of you have any positive healing vibes to spare, please send them my way!!!