My Weekend Mini Vacation

Okay it wasn’t an actual vacation, but it was definitely a much-needed break!  I was off work for MLK day today, so I had a three-day weekend!  Woohoo!!  I started it off right with a nap when I got off work Friday afternoon.  We’ll say it was for the sake of health, trying to rest up and finish kicking that cold… but really it was just because I stayed up too late Thursday night.  haha  (In my defense, I wasn’t up late doing anything fun–our damn heat had gone out!)

Saturday my sister and I went to Nashville for a belated birthday celebration day.  Although it occurs to me now that she called most of the shots Saturday and it was supposed to be for MY birthday…. hmmmmm… I think I got swindled!  On our way into Nashville, we stopped at McKay’s because Kim is a book/DVD/CD whore.  While she built up an armload of stuff, I’m not much of a reader, so I perused the DVDs and found these.  Total impulse buy, but maybe they’ll get used.  Eventually.  A little bit.  Maybe.

2015-01-18 22.43.21

Then we headed over to Blackstone Brewery for some lunch and brews.  (HUGE thumbs up to Blackstone’s pumpkin ale and St. Charles porter, a regular size thumbs up to the nut brown ale, and thumbs down to Stephanie’s Dubbel, and their APA.)  They had their pumpkin ale on sale half off for $16 per case as it’s going out of season, and just as my luck would have it, they sold their last two cases shortly before we got there.  DOH!  Then there was lots of shopping.  Mostly window shopping for me–all I bought was a new pair of black boots, a MAC mascara, and some body spray from The Body Shop.

2015-01-18 22.44.59

2015-01-19 17.05.47

Then after all the shopping had closed down we met up with a friend of Kim’s that lives in Nashville for appetizers and desserts, so that put us about 1:30am getting home.  That was a rough two-hour drive home for this early bird!  There was lots of driver’s seat singing and dancing and one stop about half an hour from home to get out and wake up!

The “vacation” continued yesterday as I slept in until nearly 9(!!!  except for one feline “FEED ME” wake-up call at the usual 0500).  I didn’t get in any hurry about getting dressed or doing anything, but I finally made it out the door around lunch for an eaaaassssssyyyyy 5 miles to gauge how I was feeling to see if I stood a shot in hell at hitting the 15 miles I had planned for today.  I do try to run through stuff above the neck, but I’d only run 5.5 miles during the week to that point because I was getting dizzy on the treadmill.  Just fluid behind the ears I’m sure.  Well, I must have blown all that fluid out during those 5 miles Sunday.  Good Lord, I was disgusting.  haha  But I felt great at the end, so I let my planned running partner know I was a go for our run date Monday morning.  After my run, I grabbed the pups and drove them to a town about 30 minutes from here that has a dog park.  It was a simply GORGEOUS day, and I couldn’t let it go to waste for them.

2015-01-18 14.28.18
So many butts to sniff!
2015-01-18 14.48.13
Harley checking in with me
2015-01-18 16.11.10
Back at home, resting from their dog park shenanigans, and milking the sun for all it’s worth on this very spring-like January day!

Right after the dogs and I got home, D had to leave us to go to Nashville for a couple of days for a paint certification class.  All painters are required to have the certification, but effective this year all body shop owners must also attend the class too.  The weekend already felt like a vacation but with D gone now too???  WHOOOOBOY, Katie bar the doors!  Shit got wild up in here!  Snoring dogs, fleece lounge pants, Maleficent on DVD (LOVED IT!), vegan mac n cheese and smokey sriracha kale for dinner… LIVIN’ LARGE, I tell ya.

2015-01-18 17.29.47
What’s a vacation post without a sunset pic? Beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Today wasn’t quite as vacationy.  I met another local runner with plans of getting in a long run with her.  I was going for 15, and she was going for 16.  It was a pretty hard run.  I feel comfortable saying that because she’s a much stronger runner than me (unless something goes terribly wrong, she’ll be going sub-4 at her marathon debut in March) and she even cut it a mile short.  We ended up with 13 and 15 miles.  It was another beautiful day, but that gorgeous sun drained us.  We were both dressed for the 37-degree start rather than the 62-degree finish.  Oopsies!  But we came away from it with another long run under our belts.  And I had the lovely added bonus of a sunburned face (I guess I sweated off all my 50 SPF!) and a jacked-up pinkie toe.

You're welcome.
You’re welcome.

I had just enough time after we got done to run home, make a smoothie, hose off, and get back to town for my 1:00 hair appointment, so I did manage to get a little pampering in on the last day of my “vacation”.  And then I bestowed a little pampering on the dogs.  haha  They got kind of dirty at the park yesterday, but there was no time for anything more than a wipe-down with a wash cloth after we got home, so they both got their full-on baths today.  I was again grateful for the warm sun so that they could go dry off outside!  And so I could leave the doors open to let fresh air in.  It’s amazing how a clean wet dog still makes the house smell like… well… wet dog.  haha

2015-01-19 17.40.39
Squeaky clean, dry, and smelling like roses.

So now my little three-day break is almost over.  I’ve done some grown-up, responsible adult things today like laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, blah, blah, blah, and now I’m sitting here enjoying a glass of wine, just winding down and relaxing.  Maybe this weekend is over, but I’ve come to a realization recently.  I NEED to do this more often.  I have so much vacation time banked at work.  Like 14 weeks worth.  Now that I’ve got my new clerk, I’m really going to be getting my money’s worth from her.  I’ve got a lot going on between now and the end of February, but come March I’m gonna be burning the hell out of some vacation days.  But between now and then–President’s Day in four weeks!!!  Woohoo!