Runner Down

Even though my bitchy right hip didn’t give me anything more than a gentle reminder during the race last weekend that all was not perfectly well yet, in the days afterward, I’ve definitely been made aware of how unhappy it is.  During my last chiropractor visit, he told me to use these two things to hopefully get me to the start line relatively pain free.

2015-02-17 12.07.18

The ice pack for the inflammation, and the softball because it can get deeper than the foam roller can.  And that seemed to work!  I didn’t have much pain until around mile 10 or so of the race, and even then it was only around a 2, quickly increasing to about a 5 by the night’s end.  During that same office visit, he also told me that he felt like I would benefit from a deep tissue massage, so I made an appointment with his massage therapist on Wednesday, and sweet baby Jesus, that was one of the most intense half-hours of my life.  She worked that hamstring until I was damn near in tears and then rolled me over and did the same thing to the front side of my leg.  I was sore afterwards, but after the working over she gave me I wasn’t surprised.  Then I got up Thursday morning in more pain than I’ve been in yet.  I couldn’t even walk without a limp.  I broke down and made an appointment with an M.D. after work.  I tried to get him to just call me in something, but noooooooo.  Gotta get that office visit moolah!  During the exam, he agreed with everything I’d told him over the phone (relaying what the chiropractor and massage therapist had told me–that there was just tons of soft tissue inflammation and tightness).  He prescribed a Medrol Dosepak, which is a 6-day taper of steroids and used that dreaded word:  REST.

2015-02-26 18.01.45
“Methylprednisolone” is a fancy word for magic happy hip pills, right?

So as I sit here now, I’m on day 6 of no running and day 2 of my steroid taper, feeling really discouraged, and wondering what will happen from here.  I know I should stay positive.  I know it’s only temporary.  And I definitely know it could have been worse.  (Stress fracture anyone?)  But then we injured runners aren’t known for being the most logical and patient lot, are we?