Life Beyond Running

Even though all I’ve talked about for the past month around here is my hip and not running, there has been plenty of other stuff going on too, so let’s catch up over Saturday morning coffee, shall we?

  • We still have our foster, Penny.  I can’t believe she hasn’t been adopted yet.  She’s about 15 weeks old now.  It’s so fun to watch her learn and watch her little personality develop.  The bully breeds will always be my favorite and I will most likely not ever adopt anything else for my own, but I love this little coonhound baby to pieces.  I mean, really.  How can you NOT love a dog that steps on its own ears?

2015-03-10 16.54.17

  • We’ve had a very atypical winter here in Tennessee.  Since the middle of February, we’ve had three winter storms come through–two the week before the Mercedes Half and one the first week of March.  The first ones were MISERABLE.  They were more sleet and ice than snow, and since it didn’t get above freezing for nearly two weeks, it hung around FOREVER.  There was still stuff on the ground in shady places when the next one came through on March 5th, eighteen days after the first one.  But this last one was more fun since it was mostly just snow!  Look how pretty!

2015-03-05 06.15.19

2015-03-05 06.19.14

2015-03-05 06.36.14

2015-03-05 15.11.17

2015-03-05 16.29.32

2015-03-05 16.38.21

  • We have booked a couple of pretty exciting trips!  Between now and Memorial Day, we’ll be going to Colorado Springs and New York City, each for a week.  I don’t know which one I’m more excited about.  They’re on totally opposite ends of the spectrum, so we’ll get a wide variety of activities in this spring!  I’ve been doing some reading and planning for both places, but if you’ve ever been to either and have any recommendations, please share them!!!



  • I kind of have a new obsession lately:  Scandal.  I don’t watch a lot of TV really.  There’s maybe 5 shows that I DVR and watch every episode of.  I usually just hear about them and then watch all nine seasons in three days on Netflix years later.  haha  My most recent discovery is Scandal.  I’ve had several people tell me I needed to watch it.  I did and I’m hooked.  I’m almost done with the second season.


Do you have any fun getaways planned for this spring or summer?

What are you obsessively watching right now?

A Week’s Worth of Suck

The last few days really haven’t been the greatest.  I feel whiny for complaining about it because none of it is really a big deal, but I’ve just had several … annoyances this past week.

After last Sunday’s 10-mile run, I noticed some tightness and aching in my right hip.  I took a couple of days off and foam rolled the hell out of it.  It felt better by Wednesday, so I ran 6 miles (5 miles @ tempo pace), and then afterward it hurt again.  Foam rolled and took Advil on Thursday and Friday and then ran 4 VERY easy miles on the treadmill Friday evening.  I couldn’t walk without limping Saturday morning and it’s still not back to normal.  I have a half-marathon in 6 days.

I have always hated Valentine’s Day, but it sucked especially bad this year.  I’m not married to a romantic guy, and I know this, but it bothered me more than usual this year.  He worked all day and bought us tickets to go to a comedy club with another couple that I’m really not even crazy about.  During the hour+ drive there, he and the other dude sat in the front and talked shop (they’re in the same line of work) while me and his wife sat in the back having very sporatic, forced, awkward conversation.  I can B.S. and make small talk with almost anybody, but it’s hard to fill that much time and silence with someone you have nothing in common with and can’t relate to on any level.  At least the comedy show was okay.

Then last night a winter storm hit.  We were supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow, but what we ended up with is more like 3 inches of sleet with maybe another inch or so of snow on top of that.  At least I’m off work for President’s Day and don’t have to deal with that headache today, but I know tomorrow will be shitty and dangerous for my employees (as I work in the delivery industry).

That aforementioned ice screwed up my plans for today, too.  The only thing I had planned for my day off was to get my hair done and see my chiropractor to see if he could help with my hip, and both of those places cancelled my appointment due to the weather.

And admittedly this one is kind of funny, but as icing on the cake I waxed my lip yesterday and then played out in the snow with the doggies today.  I guess that skin was still super sensitive because it’s chapped now to the point that I have a red, scabby mustache.  So sexy.

Just so this post isn’t entirely negative, here are some pictures of happy dogs in the snow.

2015-02-16 10.31.20

2015-02-16 10.57.41

2015-02-16 10.57.51

2015-02-16 10.59.48

2015-02-16 15.20.11

2015-02-16 15.21.35

That does it. I’m moving to Barbados.

I’m watching the weather and cringing. It seems there’s a winter storm a’brewin’. If I haven’t made it perfectly clear before, I HATE SNOW. And ice. And sleet. And freezing rain. And all that other slippery shit that we get here in the south once or twice a year that sends every little blue-haired lady in the tricounty area running to the The Walmarts to buy a year’s worth of bread and milk. It would be fun if I was an average person with an average job and could just build snowmen and ride the four-wheeler with all the cool kids, but snow makes my job in the delivery industry a lot more stressful.

You know what else snow is not good for? Running! It’s the first week of my official 12-week training program, and guess what! These feet haven’t touched pavement since the race Saturday. I am off to an AWESOME start, eh? I can’t blame solely the weather for my lack of running this week, but I was hoping to have good running weather this weekend. My nonrunning excuse? I started feeling a little achy after Pilates (at least I did get that in this week!) Monday night, but I thought it was just from the workout. By last night, I knew that it was not. Fever, aches, chills, the works. I’m pumping myself full of vitamin C and starting my chicken noodle soup IV tonight because, again, guess what! I have an interview tomorrow! Damn, can I pick a good time to get sick or what? My saving grace is that it’s a telephone interview, so at least I don’t have to worry about coughing, farting, and blowing a snot bubble on my boss all at the same time. I’ve heard that doesn’t make a good impression.