We Interrupt Your Entire Routine, Schedule, and Life to Bring You This Puppy

Last Tuesday night, I was chilling at home, skipping a run because my hamstring wasn’t too happy with the 11 miles I’d run two days before.  I was perusing Facebook and contemplating dinner when I was alerted through a local rescue group to this little dog that was in a bad situation and needed immediate help.  Being the sucker that I am, and knowing her fate if no one intervened, I went and got her.  Less than an hour after I found out about her, she was safe and warm, dozing on my couch.

2014-11-18 18.55.23

I ain’t gonna lie.  The first few days were pretty rough on everyone.  She was scared and confused and expressing those feelings through less-than-desirable behavior; I was in tears more than once; and my two dogs were pretty frustrated, too.  Thankfully, all of that has passed now, and she has become such a joy to have around.  We aren’t planning on keeping her though.  As sweet as she is, we just aren’t where we can take on a fourth pet right now.  Rather we are fostering her.  I called on a few of my rescue friends and secured her a spot with one of their organizations.  Since coming to us, she has been vaccinated and spayed, had an umbilical hernia repaired, been treated for hook worms and whip worms, and started on heartworm prevention.  (By the grace of GOD, she was heartworm negative!)

2014-11-19 11.29.40

2014-11-20 12.01.51

Now that she’s gotten used to us and built a little confidence, she’s really finding herself and has turned into quite the little clown.

2014-11-19 17.30.17
I accidentally dropped a potato, and she was ON IT… and took it directly to my crocs that I keep by the door, dropped it into the shoe, and wrestled the shoe when she couldn’t get it back out. HILARIOUS.
“I lost my tater. I can haz another?”

We’ll be fostering her for at least a few weeks probably.  The rescue that took her in said that all of their foster homes were full and that it’s really hard to find fosters through the holidays, so I couldn’t say no.  Who could say no to these ears?

2014-11-23 12.45.12

2014-11-22 14.10.57

Sami is available for adoption through Companion Pet Rescue.  Applications for adoption can be found at www.cprdogs.com.