Runner Down

Even though my bitchy right hip didn’t give me anything more than a gentle reminder during the race last weekend that all was not perfectly well yet, in the days afterward, I’ve definitely been made aware of how unhappy it is.  During my last chiropractor visit, he told me to use these two things to hopefully get me to the start line relatively pain free.

2015-02-17 12.07.18

The ice pack for the inflammation, and the softball because it can get deeper than the foam roller can.  And that seemed to work!  I didn’t have much pain until around mile 10 or so of the race, and even then it was only around a 2, quickly increasing to about a 5 by the night’s end.  During that same office visit, he also told me that he felt like I would benefit from a deep tissue massage, so I made an appointment with his massage therapist on Wednesday, and sweet baby Jesus, that was one of the most intense half-hours of my life.  She worked that hamstring until I was damn near in tears and then rolled me over and did the same thing to the front side of my leg.  I was sore afterwards, but after the working over she gave me I wasn’t surprised.  Then I got up Thursday morning in more pain than I’ve been in yet.  I couldn’t even walk without a limp.  I broke down and made an appointment with an M.D. after work.  I tried to get him to just call me in something, but noooooooo.  Gotta get that office visit moolah!  During the exam, he agreed with everything I’d told him over the phone (relaying what the chiropractor and massage therapist had told me–that there was just tons of soft tissue inflammation and tightness).  He prescribed a Medrol Dosepak, which is a 6-day taper of steroids and used that dreaded word:  REST.

2015-02-26 18.01.45
“Methylprednisolone” is a fancy word for magic happy hip pills, right?

So as I sit here now, I’m on day 6 of no running and day 2 of my steroid taper, feeling really discouraged, and wondering what will happen from here.  I know I should stay positive.  I know it’s only temporary.  And I definitely know it could have been worse.  (Stress fracture anyone?)  But then we injured runners aren’t known for being the most logical and patient lot, are we?

A Week’s Worth of Suck

The last few days really haven’t been the greatest.  I feel whiny for complaining about it because none of it is really a big deal, but I’ve just had several … annoyances this past week.

After last Sunday’s 10-mile run, I noticed some tightness and aching in my right hip.  I took a couple of days off and foam rolled the hell out of it.  It felt better by Wednesday, so I ran 6 miles (5 miles @ tempo pace), and then afterward it hurt again.  Foam rolled and took Advil on Thursday and Friday and then ran 4 VERY easy miles on the treadmill Friday evening.  I couldn’t walk without limping Saturday morning and it’s still not back to normal.  I have a half-marathon in 6 days.

I have always hated Valentine’s Day, but it sucked especially bad this year.  I’m not married to a romantic guy, and I know this, but it bothered me more than usual this year.  He worked all day and bought us tickets to go to a comedy club with another couple that I’m really not even crazy about.  During the hour+ drive there, he and the other dude sat in the front and talked shop (they’re in the same line of work) while me and his wife sat in the back having very sporatic, forced, awkward conversation.  I can B.S. and make small talk with almost anybody, but it’s hard to fill that much time and silence with someone you have nothing in common with and can’t relate to on any level.  At least the comedy show was okay.

Then last night a winter storm hit.  We were supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow, but what we ended up with is more like 3 inches of sleet with maybe another inch or so of snow on top of that.  At least I’m off work for President’s Day and don’t have to deal with that headache today, but I know tomorrow will be shitty and dangerous for my employees (as I work in the delivery industry).

That aforementioned ice screwed up my plans for today, too.  The only thing I had planned for my day off was to get my hair done and see my chiropractor to see if he could help with my hip, and both of those places cancelled my appointment due to the weather.

And admittedly this one is kind of funny, but as icing on the cake I waxed my lip yesterday and then played out in the snow with the doggies today.  I guess that skin was still super sensitive because it’s chapped now to the point that I have a red, scabby mustache.  So sexy.

Just so this post isn’t entirely negative, here are some pictures of happy dogs in the snow.

2015-02-16 10.31.20

2015-02-16 10.57.41

2015-02-16 10.57.51

2015-02-16 10.59.48

2015-02-16 15.20.11

2015-02-16 15.21.35

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I have recently learned that the meaning behind the title of this blog isn’t clear.  haha  While in St. Louis, Kim asked me, “Who’s Herbie?”  To clear up any confusion, “herbie” is not a person!  It’s short for “herbivore.”  So I guess Herbie is a person, but that person is me!  Eater of plants!
  • Also while we were in St. Louis, at the expo the chocolate milk booth was taking pics and making gifs.  We posed for the pictures and Kim put her email address in to have them emailed to her, but then she never got them.  We had given up on receiving the email, but it finally came through a couple of days ago.  You can see it here.  I can’t stop laughing.  (Disclaimer:  I do not support the dairy industry!  I’m a herbie, remember?  haha)
  • Some of my newer readers may not know this, but my husband and I are business owners.  We own a collision repair shop.  As a side to that business, D also buys wrecked cars, repairs them, and flips them.  Corvettes are his niche.  When I say he’s a Corvette expert, I’m not exaggerating.  Surrounding Chevy dealerships and various people all over the country know him and call him when they can’t figure something out.  Anyway, this is his latest flip  It was delivered last Friday.  A PINK CORVETTE!  haha  I and a few others have told him he should leave it pink, but he says it’s not happening.2014-10-25 20.06.372014-10-25 20.06.53
  • Saturday was National Pit Bull Awareness Day!  The pups and I made a day of it and attended a big event in Nashville.  Full post on that coming soon.
  • I FINALLY went to the gym last night.  First time there in like four months.  And my first night back I hurt myself.  But in true Pam fashion, I have the stupidest “injury” ever.  I didn’t blow out a knee doing squats…I didn’t pull my back doing dead lifts… no.  Not this girl.  I rubbed giant blisters on my tailbone doing ab-mat sit-ups!!!  I know it sounds funny (okay, it IS funny), but guys, it HURTS!!!!

What do you think?  Repaint the car pink or change colors?  (It’s got to be repainted no matter what because whoever did the custom paint job did a shitty job.)

What’s your strangest “injury” you’ve ever had?