No Paparazzi Here

This has been the dullest, most boring, least interesting week EVER. No blogworthy events whatsoever. But guess what! You get a post anyway. Just so you don’t forget I exist!

I did run eight miles again Sunday. My training schedule called for a 10K, but there weren’t any around, so I just repeated the previous week. Nothing spectacular. Different route, more hills, and a minute and a half faster.

This pretty much sums up the rest of my week: Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Do laundry. Clean house. Cook supper. American Idol. Then there was a bonus yesterday. I did poop patrol in the back yard where the dogs go out.

Please. Try to contain your excitement. I know it’s glamourous, but the flash bulbs hurt my eyes.

There was a little bit of an upswing yesterday though. After Sunday’s run, my legs were pretty spent from the hills, so I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday. I laced up yesterday after work and went out for 4.5 miles. Now, in case you have forgotten, I’m slow. My goal has been 10 min/mile, and I’ve been inching closer and closer. I came so close yesterday I could smell it. I finished 4.5 miles in 45:40. So. Damn. Close.

Then I came home and got in the tanning bed. That REALLY put me in vacation mode. I’m funny like that. I can KNOW we’re going on a trip, but I never really get excited about it until I start physically doing something to prepare for it–like tanning for instance! It’s like it makes it official or something.

“Okay, it’s official! Pam’s tanning! Buy the plane tickets!”

Lucky Number 7?

I have had a love/hate relationship with running for the past couple of weeks. Five-miler in New Johnsonville: hate. New three-mile PR: love. Attempted 3 miles on a treadmill: HATE. A completely kick-ass seven-mile run Sunday: LOVE!!! I’ve only run that distance one other time, and that was last fall when I was training for my first half mary. I finished my seven Sunday 10 minutes and 19 seconds faster than I did just a few months ago! So I guess the truth is in the numbers, folks. I may feel like I’m not getting anywhere, but apparently I am. My goal all along has been to finish my half in April 1 mile/min faster than I did in November, so 13 minutes faster. I gained almost that much time in only a little over half of the distance!!! It looks like I may need to up my goal a little bit.


Was it just a total fluke? Was it luck of the Sevens? It sure felt like the stars were aligned in my favor. The weather was perfect. Seriously. PERFECT! I’m talking the shorts-and-long-sleeves kind of perfect. I’d had a great night’s sleep the night before. I was on a new route, so the change of scenery made the time fly by. Plain and simple, it was just a good run.

I’m on for eight this weekend. I can’t wait!


I think I need to be making a trip to Nashville for some new shoes Saturday. I’m feeling the slightest twinge of pain in my right foot. The same pain that I had during my training last year that turned out to be tendonitis. It was nothing serious, really. Just aggravating as hell. It completely subsided with two weeks of no running. I’ve never had an actual fitting done at an actual running store, and I think it’s time.

So I’ve encountered runner’s gut, I’m looking forward to long(er) runs, and I’m fixing to drive two hours to have someone analyze my foot and my gait. Am I an official runner now?

That’s More Like It

I feel better now. I went out for a 3-miler yesterday afternoon and set a new PR for myself by 51 seconds. It’s good to know that Saturday’s problem (WHATEVER it was) is gone. I ran 3 miles in 30:29 yesterday. Now, I know that some most of you reading this probably just choked on your chocolate milk laughing at that time, but for me that’s improvement! When I started running a few months ago, I set my first real speed goal at 10:00 min/mile. I’m finally starting to get close to that number. I actually was a little bit under it for the first two miles, but then that last mile which is mostly uphill, slowed me down a little bit. But overall it felt great, and that’s really why we do this, right? I know it’s not fast, but at least it’s still trending in the right direction. I’ll take that. For now.