My Running Favorites…Back When I WAS a Runner

Even though I’m not running right now, Holly at HoHo Runs tagged me to answer a few running related questions.  What a sadist.  “Oh, you’re still not running?  Let’s talk about the things you miss the most.”  Haha!

1 – Location:  Treadmill, road or trail?   Road.  Hands down  Always.  Road.  I’ve learned recently that the only thing worse than running on a treadmill is walking on a treadmill.  But honestly I can’t say anything bad about trail running because I’ve never done it.  I don’t have any near me.  I’d like to try it sometime.  Hey, look at that!  Another good reason to move to Colorado!

2 – Time:  Morning, noon, or evening?  Evening.  Most of my runs are done around 5:00, after I get off of work.  I’ve tried a few times to get up early and run before work to make up for a missed workout or something, and those runs always feel TERRIBLE!  Yes, I run in the mornings on the weekends, but that’s different because it doesn’t require an alarm clock.  I just run when I get up.

3 – Weather:  Sunshine, mild, hot?  None of the above!  I like it cold and overcast!  I’m not a warm weather girl at all!  But only when it comes to running–any other time I’m a sun-worshiper.

4 – Fuel:  Before, during, after?  I don’t give much thought to fueling for runs under 10 miles other than taking my Fuelbelt filled with Nuun if it’s hot out.  Runs over 10 miles get a Clif bar before, a gel or two (depending on how long I’m running) during, and a protein shake after for recovery.

5 – Accessories:  Music, watch, more?  Music.  Always music.  I HAVE to have music.  I positively cannot stand to listen to myself breathe.  And I’m a total data whore, so I always wear my Garmin too.  Always.

6 – Rewards:  Food, wine, or….?  Yes please!  All the things!  I definitely enjoy being able to fill that calorie deficit created by a long run with a little extra grub and vino.  🙂

7 – Type of run:  Long, tempo, intervals, easy, hills, progression?  I have two favorites here at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.  I love a nice easy run, but intervals are right up there with that for me.  I love that lungs burning, chest exploding, heart pounding feeling from a kick-ass intervals workout.

I think I was supposed to tag 7 people, but …. yeah, I just don’t do that.  Just tell me your running favorites in the comments!  It doesn’t have to just be these 7 things.  Tell me your favorite ANYTHING running related.  Come on.  Let me live vicariously through you.