Three Things Thursday

1.   Reading Tonia’s race recap from a few days ago reminded me of something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here.  The day after Christmas last year, I got online and ordered a pair of Yurbuds with a Visa gift card I’d received.  A couple of weeks later, I grabbed my iPod and headed to the gym.  Only when I got to the gym I was short one Yurbud.  I retraced my steps to the truck looking all around the ground.  I turned my truck upside down looking for it.  I KNEW it was on the earphones when I picked the iPod up, so it HAD to be somewhere.  Back at home that night I looked all in the garage where I had walked and even had D check the truck again to make sure I hadn’t overlooked it.  We never found it.  Until a few days later.  When I was scooping up dog poop in the back yard.  Needless to say, I ordered another one.  Someday I’ll have to do a post about all the treasures I’ve found while on poop patrol…

2.   West Tennessee did yet another battle with Mother Nature during the night Monday.  A tornado warning was issued for our county right around midnight.  This really is nothing new for us.  We don’t get freaked out because tornado warnings in TN in the spring are kind of old hat.  Me and D just are not scared of storms.  We’re usually the people standing on the front porch watching the clouds.  Monday night was a different story.  This was the first time in my adult life that I have ever taken cover.  When the wind went from a breeze to 70+ MPH straightline winds within a matter of seconds, things got a little intense.  I’ve always heard that animals can sense severe weather danger, so when my fat, old, lazy cat came hauling ass into the living room and howling, I grabbed her and D grabbed the dogs and into our tiny little half-bath we went.  It’s the only completely interior room in the house, so it is definitely the safest place to be.  But it was more than a little cramped with two adults, two big dogs, and a cat.  We sat in there in the dark (The current was out, so the only light we had was from our cell phones.) and listened to the house snap, crackle, and pop for about 20 minutes.  We emerged to find a house that was (miraculously) still all in one piece.  Lots of other people were not so lucky.  Going a day without electricity is a minor inconvenience in comparison.

3.   D’s grandmother had double heart valve replacement a week ago tomorrow, and she’s not recovering at the rate expected.  They tried several times unsuccessfully to take the breathing tube out, but they were finally able to leave it out yesterday.  They put a feeding tube in because she hasn’t eaten anything since last Thursday, but in her sedated confusion, she pulled it out.  Now, mind you this isn’t some feeble little old lady we’re talking about here.  She might be 82 (which I was SHOCKED to find out when my mother-in-law told me her age), but she’s a firecracker and as mentally compentent as anyone reading this.  She didn’t even want to have the surgery because her recovery was going to interfere with her gardening and yard work this spring!  But they convinced her that without the surgery she wouldn’t be able to exert herself physically enough to have the garden this year anyway.  The surgery itself went fine.  We just weren’t prepared for the postsurgical complications.  And they said yesterday that she is arrhythmic and that they need to put a pacemaker in.  They plan to do that tomorrow or Monday.  So if anyone reading this can spare a few seconds to say a quick little prayer for Granny, it would be much appreciated.