Tuesday Tidbits

  • Recovery from the half last weekend has been slow go.  Probably because of being cramped in the car for so long on the long drive home.  I usually like to go for an easy run shortly after a race to loosen up, but I wasn’t able to run until Thursday.  In my line of work, an ice storm makes for LONG, STRESSFUL days, so after working 12 hour days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I did nothing but come home and drink wine.  A run was nowhere on my radar.  I only ran two Thursday and then 5.5 on Sunday. I had planned on 7 or 8, but my hammies and calves were STILL super fatigued, so I cut it short at 5.5 and walked 2 more.  I think that may have done some good.
  • In all my wine drinking last week I found one I didn’t like:  Cupcake Vineyards’ Angel Food.  It is NOT as good as it sounds.  I loooooove Cupcake’s moscato, so I was really disappointed in this one!
  • I did another volunteer transport for Kindred Hearts Friday night.  Eight more babies out of high-kill shelters in the south and in a New York-based rescue!
  • One week after the ice storm hit and hung around most of last week, after a weekend in the 50s and 60s, this is what is left of it.
A few piles of nasty, dirty muck in the corners of parking lots.
  • Since my truck took such good care of me, I showed her a little TLC this weekend in return.
Squeaky clean!

Three Things Thursday

1.   We woke up yesterday morning and had no water.    It worked just fine Tuesday night.  We both took showers, ran the dishwasher… but Wednesday morning I turned on the tap to brush my teeth and… trickle trickle.  D checked outside, and the ground around our well pump was saturated.  Not cool.  We killed it at the breaker box and called around and luckily found someone who could come right out.  It turned out not to be as detrimental to the checking account or the lawn as I feared.  The pump itself was okay.  The pipe that suspended the pump had broken.  They only had to dig that one little spot to replace that pipe, which goes into the ground vertically, so it’s only about a 2-ft diameter mess.  Inconvenient?  Yes.  Catastrophic?  No.

2.   I learned a valuable lesson last night.  Bottles of red wine do not have to be dropped from a great height to shatter on a tile floor.  And red wine WILL stain grout.

3.   Brainstorm!  If you can’t bring a TV to the bike, bring the bike to a TV.