Three Things Thursday – Weight, Work & Weariness

1.  The weight loss is not going as I’d hoped.  First three came off quickly, but I’m STUCK. I haven’t been able to break that 130 barrier yet.  I’m doing everything the same as I did in the beginning.  Still running, still cross-training, still using to track everything.  I know I’m not underestimating my calories because frankly I’m not estimating anything.  I’m measuring everything and logging everything.  I’m making sure I get the right fat:carb:protein ratio.  My daily caloric requirement to maintain my weight is around 1800.  There are days I’m eating less than 1500 and burning 500+ more with exercise creating a nice little calorie deficit.  Yet it just ain’t coming off.  And bikini season is right around the corner.  I’ve even gone so far as to give up alcohol.  Since I started this on February 21st, I have had exactly one bloody mary and two beers.  If you know me, you know how drastic this is.

2.   I held interviews this week for an open substitute carrier position in my office.  There were exactly two applicants.  Funny how our unemployment rate in this county is right at 10% and everybody says they want to work but when an opportunity to work comes up no one takes it.  Guess it’s just easier to stay home and draw a check than it is to, oh, I don’t know… WORK FOR A LIVING.

3.  I’ve been a little down lately.  Every year since D and I started dating, by this time of year we’ve had big plans for an exciting vacation.  In 2006 we went to Hawaii.  In 2007 the Virgin Islands.  2008 Vegas/Grand Canyon and Destin.  2009 Barbados and Destin.  2010 Cabo San Lucas, Destin, and Las Vegas.  And there are always little weekend trips here and there too.  We just financially can’t swing it this year.  Our nephew is getting married in Gatlinburg in June, so that’ll be a few days in the mountains, but I really don’t count that because if it wasn’t for the wedding I wouldn’t give two shits about going to Gatlinburg.  We should be able to go to Destin at the end of summer again because it’s within driving distance and doesn’t cost nuch at all, but to be honest Destin has kind of lost its zeal too.  I desparately need a change of scenery.   (Yes I realize how shallow this makes me to be so bummed over this, and no I don’t care.)

Sneaky Little Bastards

I’m determined to get about 8 pounds off.  There’s no reason I can’t do it.  I was starting to get just a little irritated because the scale just hasn’t been budging.  It’s stuck at 133.  Yeah, there are days when it’s 131 and days when it’s 135, but that’s normal for me.  I want to take that down to the 123 to 127 range.  These love handles gots to go.

And food journaling is going to help me get it done.  (Along with the fact that I just put it out there on the interwebs and will be filled with shame if I am forced to report anything but success.)  I know I munch a lot, and I do most of it mindlessly, and actually having to log it in will make me more aware of what’s going into my body. 

Today is a fine example.  I’ve logged in 302 calories worth of snacks so far today, and it’s not even 4:00 pm.  And if I’m being completely honest, it would have been WAY more than that if I wasn’t logging them.  It’s all those sneaky little calories that have been hiding in my diet and keeping me from reaching my goal.  No more.  I’m calling them out.  125 or bust.

Today’s weight:  133.4. 

Gearing Up and Weighing In

No, that is not Emz’s treadmill reading from this morning!  That is my weight as of last night.  I hear all you guys talking about how much weight you have gained and lost during taper and the race, so I just want to see what happens with mine over the next three weeks!  Before beginning marathon training, mine hovered in the 128-133 range.  Since training began, it’s been more in the 133-138 range.  140 is my scary number.  I’ve come close a time or two, but I haven’t hit it yet!  I’m sure things will return more to normal once the race is behind me.

The race…

Up to this point, I’ve been filled with a mixture of fear, excitement, dread, and awe about my upcoming RnR Vegas marathon.  Now that it’s just a little over two weeks ago (gasp!!!) most of that mixture is gone.  Now I’m just left with a severe case of insomnia and butterflies.  (Okay, I can’t really blame the race for the insomnia.  That’s been going on for quite a while.  I thought the new mattress would help.  It has not.)

I asked for your opinions on my long runs last week, and I took the advice you gave.  I ran 15 miles on Sunday.  While there was much stretching and quite a bit of walking, I completed the 15 miles at well under the Vegas cutoff pace.  As things are now, I don’t care if it takes me every second of that 5:30 to finish.  I just want to finish, and if I have to stop and stretch 4,000 times during that 26.2 miles to get ‘er done, that’s exactly what I’ll do.  It held up pretty well during the 15 but I was hurting pretty badly afterwards.  I rested it Monday and Tuesday and by last night I was able to run 5 miles relatively pain free.  I’ve been experimenting more with a pain relief regimen, and I’ve come up with a combination that seems to be keeping me moving:  LOTS of foam rolling, ibuprofen (low doses several times a day), Biofreeze, elevation, and alternating ice and heat.  As I said I ran 5 last night, and it’s not killing me this morning, so that’s improvement.  It actually feels like I may be able to run again tonight.  If I can, this will be the first time I”ve been able to run two days in a row in WEEKS.

So since I took your advice and ran 15 last weekend, you know what that means…. 20 MILES THIS WEEKEND.  I think I’m almost as nervous about that as I am the race itself!