Fyrne Lake 10K Trail Race Report

Several months ago I registered for a 10k that was scheduled for this morning.  During my last 10K, I missed my goal time by a stinking 34 seconds.  I viewed this as my rematch.  I knew that it was a trail run, but because I believed what was on the web site, I thought I may just have a shot at that PR.

From the web site:  “This is a beginner friendly trail run located in the beautiful Fyrne Lake Farms. This course has very little technical terrain. Most of the course is flat or downhill.” 
Let me just say this.  LIES!!!!!  ALL LIES, I TELL YOU!!!!  ALL LIES!!!!!!!
I realize that a lot of the technicality of today’s run wasn’t anyone’s fault.  It rained Thursday and Friday before the race, and dirt + rain = mud any way you wanna look at it.  Also fallen leaves + rain = slickness.  But the part about flat and downhill?  Yeah, that’s where the lies come in.
Uh-huh.  Flat my lily white ass.
At least they got the “beautiful” part right.  Because it. was. BEAUTIFUL.  I wish I had taken my camera because looking over the bluff with the trees all changing colors… it was breathtaking.
Anyway, I think it goes without saying that I didn’t come anywhere CLOSE to what I would have run had this been a road race.  Given that this was my first trail run EVER, I’ll take what I got and go with it.  I’m really not sure that I’ll be participating in anymore trail races though.  It obviously takes someone much more coordinated than I to be able to navigate trails successfully.  If there was a hole or a loose rock or a hidden puddle on that course, you can bet it was me that found it.  I can definitely see the appeal of training on trails, but I don’t think I have any interest in racing one again.  I’m just an asphalt kind of gal.
Next up:  St. Jude Half Marathon!