If you’ve been reading this blog for more than like 15 seconds, you already know by now that patience is NOT a virtue that I possess.

D and I decided a few months ago that we need a new bedroom suite.  Trouble is, we have expensive taste.  The cost of the furniture plus the cost of a new mattress and box springs was gonna be… well, astronomical.  So we decided to put it on hold because there were things that we want/need worse than a bedroom.

But while we were in Destin a couple of months ago, we wandered into a sleep store and just started browsing (and laying on) their mattresses.  When I laid on the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme, I knew I would never sleep soundly again until I owned that little piece of Heaven.  That lit the fire of desire again.  There were no longer things that I wanted/needed more than a bedroom.  So we started shopping again.  A few weeks ago, we came across a HECK of a deal on that mattress.  I’m talking about a CRAZY, INSANE STEAL of a deal.  We couldn’t pass it up.  So for three weeks we have been looking at this monstrosity of a box containing our new mattress and box springs.  We can’t use it because it’s a king and we currently have a queen bed.  We’ve been looking at furniture again, but we just can’t find what we really want, and the stuff we find that we DO like is out of our price range.

But, as I mentioned, we are not the patient kind.  Looking at that box every day, knowing what’s in that box, knowing that a good night’s sleep was SO CLOSE, was driving us crazy!

So, what is one to do?

One goes to and buys the cheapest king-sized bed frame one can find, that’s what.  Who says it’s not classy to put a >$3,000 mattress on a <$100 frame and use mismatched sheets and blankets because you don't own a king-sized comforter set?  You call it tacky, but I'll be sleeping like a drunk baby, so I win.