Three Things Thursday

1.  I had to have the windshield in my Tahoe replaced Tuesday.  When I was coming home on my lunch hour last Friday, a rock flew up and hit it and busted the crap out of it.  No biggie.  Insurance paid for all of it.  But I have to admit I have been a little uneasy running on the highway ever since.  If a rock does that to glass, what would it do to my noggin?

2.  CEP did a promo last year offering a pair of free compression socks to anyone who sent in a picture of themselves wearing their socks while crossing the finish line of a RnR race.  I wore them during the Vegas marathon, sent in a picture, and I got my snazzy new green CEP compression socks in the mail today!

3.  So far so good with the food journaling.  It has definitely made me more aware of what (and more importantly, how much) I’m eating.  It’s interesting, too, to see that I’m pretty consistently falling just a tad short of my minimum daily protein needs.  I had no idea.  I have been cutting back on animal products, but I assumed I was getting enough protein elsewhere in my diet.  I now know that I will have to be more deliberate about replacing those proteins.  I’ve had to throw in a serving of nut butter the past couple of days just to hit the lower end of my daily requirement spectrum.  Guess I’ll be stocking up on a variety of beans at the grocery this weekend.  Guess I’ll also be figuring out something to do with this red quinoa that’s been in my cupboard for a couple of months (suggestions appreciated!).

Size DOES Matter!

Out with the old:

And in with the new (to me):

As much fun as the Corvette has been, it’s time to move on.  On to something bigger, more practical, and more dog friendly.  I love my dogs, but family trips aren’t nearly as much fun when they involve two 50-pound dogs in your lap.

While I will miss the cool factor that comes with driving a ‘vette, I will NOT miss having to buy the high-octane gas, having to inch over speed bumps and out of parking lots to avoid dragging, and being blinded by every oncoming car because you are at eye level with their headlights.

The Tahoe wasn’t my first choice, but it’ll serve its purpose for the time being.  I still want an H3, but I don’t want a car payment.  We bought the Tahoe for something for me to drive until Hubs gets a few things on the ‘vette fixed and gets it sold.  It’s paid for, so that will be cash in-hand.  Then…THEN…I will finally have what I want.  I am 30 years old and have never picked out my own car.  Next time, I have the say-so.  If I decide I want my H3 painted pink with purple polka dots, by golly, that’s what I will have.


Who wants to buy a Corvette?

You know you want to.