The Check’s in the Mail

About this time yesterday afternoon a good little thundershower came through and cooled things off by about 15 degrees. Just as it was letting up, I threw on my Mizunos. I was determined to take advantage of the overcast skies and get in a few miles. It was still very sauna-esque (literally steam coming off the asphalt), but it was doable. I put in a quality four miles. I NEEDED that.

As I was walking back up the driveway I grabbed the mail out of the mailbox. I didn’t even pause to look at it. I tossed it on the kitchen counter and headed directly to the shower. By the time I got out, Dewayne had come home and opened a letter addressed to him from some lawyer’s office. It was an unexpected check for $35! Score! It was a settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo. I vaguely remembered filling out one of those little postcards, too, when I got it in the mail a few months ago telling me that I was possibly eligible for a portion of the settlement. I quickly riffled through the junk mail and found an identical check addressed to me! DOUBLE SCORE! I’ve gotten class-action settlement checks before, but I think the most I’ve ever gotten out of one was approximately $0.76.

Don’t you just love free money?! 🙂

As visions of Sweaty Bands and and recovery socks danced in my head, I opened the rest of the mail. One envelope in particular was from Wells Fargo, our mortgager. I get things from them from time to time, so it didn’t strike me as significant–until I opened it and found ANOTHER unexpected check for $150!!! We overpaid our escrow this year, so we got the overpayment back AND our payment is going down by about $10 a month! TRIPLE SCORE!!!!! I’m just gonna send that right back to them and put it on the principal, but STILL.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wander around the WalMart parking lot picking up stray $20 bills.