Ignorance Abounds

I’ve been meaning to show this to you guys for about a week, but I kept forgetting about it!  Jill’s post today just reminded me.

This is a quote from our local pathetic excuse for a newspaper:

“Despite the rainy, cool weather Saturday 109 people registered to run or walk in a 5K marathon that was the culmination of the Mayors’ Health Challenge here in Henry County. Tory Daughrity, Healthy Henry County co-chairman, said those who participated in both the pre- and post-health screenings for the event had lost a combined total of 181 pounds. Kazumi Kitamoto was the overall male winner in the marathon while Becky Cate was the overall female winner. Rick Horiuchi took the overall male masters title while Sharon Renfro was the overall female masters winner.”

Seriously???  A 5K marathon???

Wow!!!  I’m a marathoner already and didn’t even know it!!!