These Things Make Me Happy

The fabulous Kate at So Cal Runner Gal recently did a post, and I absolutely loved it, so I’m stealing it!  Her post was inspired by this question that she saw on Facebook:

My list right now would be…
  • The way my hair feels, looks, and smells right after I leave the salon
  • Cool nights and sleeping with the windows open
  • Snoring dogs
  • Smiling dogs
  • Seeing muscles beginning to develop where there used to be none
  • Falling asleep to the sound of a cat purring beside my head
  • New outfits
  • Vacation days and sleeping in–just because
  • Planting flowers

  • The year’s first blooms on Lucy’s rose bush.  I planted it at her grave in our yard the day after we buried her almost 5 years ago.  The new blooms remind me that she lives on.

Amazing Run, Hot Wings, Cold Beer, and a Bad Movie

Those 10 words sum up my Saturday perfectly.

It was an absolutely stunning day yesterday.  When I left the house at 10 am for my 11-mile run it was a gorgeous, sunny 53 degrees.  I knew I wanted to make a big loop around town, and I knew it would warm up some, so it was time to break out the ol’ “fanny pack”!  (IT’S A FUEL BELT, MICHELE!  FUEL.  BELT.)  There’s nothing really to say about the run other than it was what every long run should be.  My legs, lungs, and heart all cooperated to make it a very enjoyable 1:57:59 (I’ll save you from doing the math:  That’s a 10:44 pace.)  I just started running and ran until I was done.  I didn’t walk one step of that 11 miles and even ran fairly even splits.  This run did make one thing quite clear though:  SPRING IS IN THE AIR!  Along with the pollen and the smell of freshly cut onions.  It was a very snotty run.  I had some very decorative streaks on my black shorts by the end of it.

Afterwards I met my sister (who is still truckin’ right along on her C25K program!  Two weeks done!) for a girl’s day out.  Neither of us had any money to blow, so we window shopped for a while, decided we were both starving, and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Seriously, what better way to refuel than hot wings and cold beer????? 

The bar is right across the parking lot from the theater, so we walked across the lot (and a big shout out of THANKS to the waitress that chased me down to give me back my debit card I left on the table!) to watch a movie:  Red Riding Hood.


Let’s just say if I had known what I was getting myself into, there would have been a lot more beer beforehand.  It was horrible!  It was one of those movies that sucks so bad that it makes it almost funny.  The cheese factor was off the friggin’ charts.  (Yes, they actually used the line, “Grandma, what big eyes you have.”)  If you haven’t seen it yet, DON’T!  Wait till it comes out at Redbox.  And only get it then if you have a promo code for a free movie.  And NOTHING better to do.

When a bad movie is the worst part of your day, you know it’s been a pretty darn good day.

Three Things Thursday

1.  I woke up with yet another pimple this morning.  Seriously, am I 31 or 13?

2.  I will be trying my hand at gardening this spring.  Please pray for my plants’ lives.  I was planning on joining a CSA this year, but that’s just another thing that’s been knocked off the list thanks to my buddies at the good ol’ IRS.  I’m not going to go overboard.  You know.  In case I really suck at it.  I’m thinking I’ll try mainly the easy stuff that I spend the most money on:  strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers…

3.  I’m writing this from my laptop as I sit on my back deck enjoying this BEAUTIFUL afternoon.  It is 73 degrees and sunny with a breeze.  I do believe it’s the most gorgeous day we’ve had yet this spring.  I plan to soak it up before it starts raining tomorrow.  I’m actually supposed to be running right now, but I’m ditching.  Shhhhhhhh…  I know, I know… all winter long I DREAMED of days like these to run in, but this afternoon I am enjoying chilling on the deck with a cold beverage and watching the dogs wrestle and play and run in the back yard.  Although it is hard to type up a post when all you can see is this:

My reflection in the laptop screen.

Harley says, “I always stretch after a strenuous afternoon of cardio.”  Have you ever seen a more perfect downward dog?

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running

Misszippy has outlined her Top 10 reasons to love spring running.

Being the pessimist that I am, I feel it is my duty to counter her post with one of my own.

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running

1. Allergies. I sneeze, sniffle, and snort my way through the entire run. Although I must say my snot rocket accuracy has improved. I can now hit a moving target from 20 paces.

2. Bugs. Due to said allergies, I have to breathe through my mouth, inhaling more than my fair share of bugs. I hear they’re full of protein, but until they start making them in better flavors, I’d rather get my protein from peanut butter.

3. Road repair. Nothing like getting pelted with tiny-ass rocks being slung from the gravel truck as he flies past you. Seriously, TDOT. That pothole has been there since November. It won’t hurt you to slow down to 55mph. It’ll still be there when you get there. I promise.

4. Irresponsible dog owners. Warmer weather = more people in the park. More people in the park = more dogs in the park. More dogs in the park = more dog SHIT in the park. If you’re not gonna pick it up, at least kick it off the path. I’d rather not carry your dog’s digested kibble home on the soles of my Mizunos.

5. Tan lines. I hate tan lines, and I already have one in the shape of a Garmin Forerunner on my left wrist and a kickin’ sock line. Sexy, right? Especially with flip-flops.

6. Road kill. It was there in the winter, too, but at least it was frozen, keeping the aroma to a minimum. Now that it’s warm out, the pungent stinch of decomp lingers in the air.

7. Baseball season. Instead of being out there sweating and chaffing, I could (and would much rather) be sitting inside watching my Cardinals and drinking a cold beer. Or bloody mary, or margarita, or…you get the point.

8. It’s hot.

9. It’s humid.

10. It’s hot and humid.

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