Just Call Me Flash

I had a wardrobe malfunction on my long run Saturday morning.  (Which turned out not to be a long run because of said malfunction.)

I mentioned here that I had bought some compression shorts to wear underneath a Runningingskirts skirt I had bought, so I thought I’d wear that.  It was totally cute!  I was feeling cute and confident when I left the house.

That lasted all of about ooooohhhhh 15 seconds.  With every step I took, that &$@* skirt crept just a tiny bit higher.  Not the waistband.  That stayed put.  I’m talking about over the hips so that my ass was hanging out the back.

The entire run was step, step, step, pull skirt down, step step step, pull skirt down/shout obscenities.  Okay, not the ENTIRE run.  Part of it was on some country back roads with no one around except the cows to see my spandex-clad ass, so I just let it shine in all its glory there.

At mile 5 I was within a quarter-mile of the house.  I had planned to run 7-8, but I was over it.  I quit at 5.2.

Need a visual?  I thought you might.

This is what it started out looking like:

And this is what it looked like after a few strides:

The skirt will be on eBay tonight.