Three Things Thursday

1.     My mom and sister and I had a yard sale at my house last weekend.  My sister and I know how to work a yard sale.  Mimosas:  The most socially acceptable way to catch a buzz before 8am.

2.     D designed a new logo for the shop!  This is a cheap, temporary sign that the print shop made up for us to make sure we liked the way it looks on the building before we throw down the big bucks for the real one.  We also just ordered a bunch of T-shirts sporting the new design on them.

3.     Things kind of came full circle this weekend.  My sister brought a couple of sleeping bags to the yard sale that she’d had since we were little.  Hers was The Simpsons and mine was Garfield.  Of course they didn’t sell, so she left them for my babies, who are ALWAYS stoked to have a new anything to lay on.  I slept in it when I was five, and now my five-year-old girl is sleeping on it.