They Just Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

When D and I got married and built this house four years ago, we bought a new TV.  And if you know me or D, you know that we don’t just go into a store and buy anything on a whim.  We spend countless hours first researching what we are buying.  We ultimately decided on and purchased a 56″ Samsung DLP.  It got great consumer reviews; it appeared to have a superior picture on the Best Buy floor; and it was within our price range.   Win-win-win.

And we lived happily ever after.

Until last Friday.  Last Friday night I noticed a little white dot on the screen.  D said looked like one of the mirrors had gotten stuck.  I googled it.

My, how the reviews have changed over the last four years.  Apparently we are one of the LAST people to have this problem with this TV.  We even found information that Samsung was repairing the issue for free.  Until December 31, 2010.  A lot of damn good that does us now.  That’s pretty shitty of Samsung to KNOW that there is a problem and not issue a recall.  I also found several forums in which other customers who had the same problem said that once it starts it gets progressively worse quickly.  They couldn’t be more right.  What started out as one dot last Friday night has now ten days later turned into 13 dots.  (Just try watching a baseball game and trying to keep your eye on the ball with 13 extra little white dots on the screen!)

And guess when our extended warranty ended.  No, really.  Go ahead.  Guess.

A MONTH AGO.  June 24th, to be exact.

D, being the electronics guru that he is, thinks he can fix it though.  He’s gone deep into the forums and found a part number for a chip that controls the mirrors, and supposedly this chip will fix it.  It’s worth the $100 to try it because a new TV is NOT in the budget right now.  I guess we’ll find out in a few days.  But regardless of whether it fixes it or not…

YOU SUCK, SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!