Successful Saturday

Twelve miles? CHECK!
Lunch and spa date with friend? CHECK!
Spend too much money shopping? CHECK!
Watch cheesey 1980s horror movie with Hubby? CHECK!

That was my Saturday in a nutshell! I set my alarm for 5:30 yesterday so I could be sure I got in my scheduled 12 miles. I got up, ate a small breakfast, and was on the road at the first signs of daylight. It turned out to be a really, really good run. I took four 30-60 second walk breaks, had to stop and stretch out the hammies a couple of times, and stopped at miles 4 and 8 long enough to chug some water. Even with all those breaks, my average pace was 10:58. Guys, this is HUGE for me. If I can do that again next Saturday and maintain that pace for another 1.1 miles, I will beat last fall’s HM time by twenty minutes. TWENTY MINUTES, PEOPLE.

But in all honesty, I’m not looking for that to happen for a couple of reasons. Number one, the course is supposed to be super hilly. Number two, the girl I’m running it with is coming off a severe ankle injury and is not 100% yet. And since I invited her down and she’s coming all the way from Indianapolis to run this thing with me, I think it would be pretty crappy of me to make her run it alone. So I’m gonna stick with her and keep her pace. Now who knows?! Her idea of “out of shape,” as she refers to herself, might be faster than me on my best day! She’s been running for several years, so she may still leave me in the dust! Either way, Nashville is gonna be about the fun and the experience of running it with a girl that I LITERALLY haven’t seen since the night we graduated high school 12 years ago. (Thanks again, Facebook, for putting me back in touch with these peeps.)

The run was followed by TGIFridays, a facial and manicure, and shopping, during which I promptly ruined the manicure while trying on a pair of shorts in Aeropostale. Pissed me off! It had been about an hour, so I thought they were dry. I had been so careful, even making my friend dig in my purse for my wallet and keys so I didn’t mess it up. I told her my butt itched, too, but she told me I’d better learn to scoot on the floor like a dog. Hmph. Some friend.

We wrapped up our day and I headed home, ready to do nothing the rest of the night. Hubby had been working all day and didn’t feel up to going out either, so we decided on pizza and Nightmare on Elm Street. Believe it or not, I had never seen the original, and I wanted to watch it before I see the remake. Holy crap. It was hilariously cheesy! It’s so funny to think that 20 or so years ago that movie was scary. I was kinda young, so I really don’t remember… did EVERYONE run like this in the ’80s, or was this particular type of arm-flailing scamper reserved for when you were being chased by a dude with some seriously jacked up fingers?