3 Random Acts of Kindness

I love random acts of kindness.  It warms my heart to think that maybe…just MAYBE… the human race doesn’t completely suck.  I’ve recently heard about a couple that I’m getting in on, and I thought maybe you might like to, too.

1.     A friend of a friend of a friend (so a friend thrice removed?) has just had some things stolen, and all of her Christmas ornaments were among the items taken.  So the friend TWICE removed has organized an anonymous ornament drive!  She is asking that people send one new ornament, absolutely anything, to her friend.  No, losing your Christmas ornaments isn’t the worst thing in the world, but how fun would it be to receive ornaments from all over the place and have no idea who they’re from or how the whole thing got started?!  Just a fun little Christmas thing.  If you want her address, please email me at the address on my sidebar.

2.     Another friend just posted to Facebook last night that her aunt was just diagnosed with cancer and is in need of some cheering up.  She has asked everyone to send a greeting card to her.  Any kind you want.  The aunt has been a huge supporter of my friend’s animal rescue group, and she would love to hear any stories or see pictures of your rescued family members.  Again, email me for her address.

3.     Finally, another friend of mine who is also running the St. Jude Marathon could use your help.  When she registered, she did so as  St. Jude Hero and committed to raising $2,500.  Well, she only has a few days left to hit that goal and is still several hundred dollars short, despite her best efforts.  If you don’t know how the Hero program works, whatever you pledge to raise is what you are COMMITTED to giving them.  If you don’t raise what you pledge, the rest is put on YOUR credit card.  If you’re so inclined, help a sister (and the St. Jude family!) out and donate to my friend’s Hero page HERE.

Man… I am SO getting in the Christmas spirit!!!!  This is so unlike me…