A Packed Calendar

If anyone is looking to run a race in West TN, right now seems like the time to do it.  I’m completely bumfuzzled by the number of races going on around here in the next few weeks!  I want to do so many, but my poor legs and my poor checking account just can’t handle them all.

Since I’m racing out of town this weekend and obviously won’t be racing the following weekend either, let’s just start with the last week in March, shall we?

3/31 – I had been having a super hard time deciding what to do this day.  There are two half-marathons locally.  One in Clarksville and one in Jackson.  I’ve done them both before, and they are both excellent races.  And that would give me three half marathons in March, which I thought was pretty cool.  But there is also an 8K here in town that day.  I have never run an 8K before, so I had just about decided on that.  It’s closer and it’s cheaper.  But then today at work I was informed that my clerk will be unavailable to work that day.  So it looks like I’ll be slinging mail instead of pounding pavement.  I could have been the asshole boss that says, “No, you can’t have off!”  But this guy’s family time is more important than my race calendar.  I’m just a nice guy like that.

4/7 – Relay for Life 5K.  Since I don’t really feel like my last 5K is indicative of my training (nevermind the fact that it was a short course), I’d really like to do this one to see how it goes down.

4/14 – Fantastic Four 4-miler.  There’s nothing really special about this race other than it’s cheap, it’s local, and I haven’t raced a 4-miler since 2010.  So that PR is dated to the point that I’m running every 4-mile training run now at a faster pace than my two-year-old race pace.  I’d like to update that PR.

4/21 – Murray Half Marathon or Hushpuppy Dash 5K.  I ran the inaugural Murray Half Marathon last spring.  Until last weekend, it was my PR course.  I loved the course, loved the support, loved the field size, loved the fact that it’s local, loved the relatively cheap entry fee, loved everything about it!  And now I’m really thinking I’ll do this one since the 3/31 half marathon has been taken off the table for sure.  Although I hate to miss out on the Hushpuppy Dash 5K AGAIN!  If you’re not from around these parts, you won’t realize what a HUGE EFFING DEAL the World’s Biggest Fish Fry is.  Redneck?  Yes.  But nevertheless, a huge effing deal.  The 5K serves as sort of the kickoff to the week’s festivities, but I’ve had to miss it for one reason or another every year.  I probably won’t make the final decision on this one (another bonus of smaller local races:  no fear of them selling out) until the last minute.  Or at least until I see what happens at the Relay for Life 5K.

4/28 – Country Music Marathon – Okay, so I was never even contemplating that one this year, but it’s still out there as an option for some people.  Just not me this year.  🙂  I’ll be in Nashville that day but nowhere near downtown.

5/4 – Midnight Madness 5K – I’m not planning on doing this one either.  I’m just including it because I would seriously be considering it if I weren’t otherwise engaged.  A midnight 5K just sounds like fun!

5/12 – Now THIS one I’m doing FOR SURE!  It’s Pam vs. the Strawberry Festival 10K round 2.  I missed my one-hour goal by 34 seconds last year.  This year is my rematch.  Unless I fall and break a hip during the race (which, let’s face it, when you’re as clutzy as I am, is ALWAYS a possibility), there is no way I’m not beating that goal this year.

This seriously isn’t even a third of what’s out there.  These are only the ones that I would like to do.  After mid-May it starts tapering off because HELLO it’s Tennessee and it’s HOT in the summer!

Now that I’ve got it whittled down to these few that I’d LIKE to do, I’ve just got to decide on which ones I’m GOING to do.

Easier said than done.  If only my social calendar were this packed.

There Was No Wine

My relaxing night at home chilling out and drinking wine turned out to be not so much so.  I got held up at work and only beat D home by about an hour, so I did get an hour to sit down and catch up on a few blogs, then we headed to the rehab place to see his grandmother.  All in all she looked good.  She’s very down and is very ready to come home, but physically she’s doing as well as can be expected.  But there were some things that were concerning to me.  D’s mom had mentioned that while she was at St. Thomas she had been confused about a lot of things.  I had told her not to worry about it. She had been in and out of consciousness for two weeks–OF COURSE she was going to be confused and a little disoriented about time and place.  But now she hasn’t been sedated at all in about two weeks, and I could see exactly what my mother-in-law was talking about.  Here’s one good for-instance from last night:

Me:  Have you seen Michelle here?  (Michelle is D’s cousin’s wife that works at that rehab facility.  Granny knew this as well as I do.)
Granny:  No, they haven’t been by.
Me:  I mean has she been in to see you while she was working?
Granny:  She works here?
Me:  Yes, Chris’s wife, Michelle.  She works here.
Granny:  I didn’t know that.

Subject changes… a few minutes later:

Granny:  Did you tell me Michelle works here?
Me:  Yep, she sure does.
Granny:  I thought so.

Again, a few minutes later:

Granny:  Doesn’t Michelle work here?
Me:  Yep.
Granny:  I think Faye works here too.
Me:  Who’s Faye?
Granny:  Dewayne’s wife.
Me:  *confused and thinking she’s referring to another Dewayne besides my husband*  Who’s Dewayne?
Granny:  *shaking head*  No, not Dewayne.  I mean Chris.  Chris’s wife.
Me:  You mean Michelle?
Granny:  Yeah, Michelle.  I think she works here too.

I’m just kind of floored because this is NOT LIKE GRANNY AT ALL.  I’m telling you, this woman is SHARP.  I just pray to God that it’s a medication that is causing all the confusion as a side effect or something.

Anyway, we spent a good long while visiting there, came home and ate a quick supper, then I had to run back up there to take her a big, fluffy blanket of mine because she said she froze to death all the night before.  It was HOT in there to me, but she said the blood thinners she’s taking make her cold.  By the time I got back home from that, it was nearly 8:30, aka almost my bedtime.

There was one bright spot from last night though.  I got to remove the question mark from beside the St. Jude half-marathon on my race calendar!  It’s a for-sure thing now.  My friend M (remember her?  She’s the one that was supposed to run the RnR Vegas Marathon with me but decided it would be more fun to break her leg instead.) texted me about it a few nights ago thinking it would be coinciding with when she would be in town for her brother’s graduation.  Turns out they are on different weekends, so M is out, but another friend texted me last night asking, “Sooo… what are you doing December 3rd?”  She and her husband signed up yesterday!  IT’S ON!!!  I’m so excited to be running a race with a friend!  That’ll be a first.  M suffered a stress fracture less than a month before Vegas, and my BFF that was supposed to run the AJM half with me last month flaked out on me… so I’m STOKED!

I’ve got another busy weekend ahead of me… I’ve got to do the grocery/laundry thing tonight because I’ll be gone most all weekend.  (I know, I’m rockin’ my Friday night HARD.  Be very jealous.  When you get to be as cool as I am you can go grocery shopping on a Friday night too.)  Registration for the 10K is tomorrow morning at 7:00, and it’s about an hour away.  Then I’m going straight to my parents’ house for a day-early Mother’s Day.  I don’t expect I’ll get home before sometime late Saturday evening.  Then church Sunday morning, and as soon as I get out of church I am going to pick up my sister-in-law and niece and drive BACK to my hometown because a friend of mine there is a very good photographer, and she’s going to be doing my niece’s senior pictures!  And we’ve got to fit a Mother’s Day for D’s mom and some more Granny time in there somewhere.  Lots of driving and rushing around this weekend, but at least it’s all for fun reasons!

I’ll get around to my date with that bottle of wine someday…

Three Things Thursday

1.   D’s grandmother was finally released from the hospital yesterday.  After the valve replacement, she was scheduled for a pacemaker, but that surgery had to be postponed because she developed pneumonia.  While they were treating the pneumonia, her arrhythmia apparently worked itself out because they’ve decided that she doesn’t need the pacemaker right now after all.  Praise the Lord!

2.   I’m running my first 10K Saturday morning!  Instant PR!  WOOHOO!  I do hope to at least break an hour though.

3.   I’m so ready to just get off work and chill out tonight.  It’s been go-go-go since sometime last week.  Today is a rest day, and I’ve already informed D that tonight is a “you’re on your own” night for supper.  We’re going to see his grandma when he gets off work, and other than that I ain’t doing a DANG THANG.  And there may be wine involved.

Three Things Thursday – Race Edition

1.  I told you guys that I came in fourth place in my age group at the Race on the Trace a couple of weeks ago.  I was wrong.  That’s what the board said when I left, but apparently someone else hadn’t yet turned in their card.  The official results posted on the web site shows me in 5th place, 21 seconds behind the girl who I thought had taken 3rd place.

2.  I’m going into Saturday’s 5K with VERY rested legs.  (That’s the positive spin I’m trying to put on the fact I’ve hardly run this week.)  Thanks to the crazy amount of snow and ice we’ve gotten, I have missed a lot of workouts and a lot of miles.

3.  I’ve had a hard time deciding between two half-marathons in April.  The one in Jackson on the 9th or the one in Murray on the 16th.  Screw it.  I’m doing them both!


Lucky me, I was tagged twice yesterday because apparently I’m just THAT cool.

Emz and Funderson each tagged me to answer a series of questions, so here goes!  Two birds, one stone.

Emz wanted to know:

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

DUH!  Wanna see my medal again?

Running goals for 2011?

One thousand miles.  I will end 2010 with over 700 miles, so 1,000 isn’t that much of a stretch.  I would also like to work on speed in the shorter distances and knock a few more minutes off my half-mary PR.

What’s your favorite race?

Hands down — Nashville’s CMM.  It was crazy crowded and hilly, but the course support and spectatorship were awesome, and Nashville is just a great city.

Favorite Holiday Guilty Pleasure?

CHESS SQUARES.  I could single-handedly eat a freakin’ pan of those things if I didn’t control myself.  Do they have a jillion calories?  Yes, they do.  Do I care?  I most certainly do not.  I have them once a year, and I savor every bite!

Most embarassing running moment?

I had to think on this one.  Surprisingly, I couldn’t come up with anything that has happened during a run.  I was like, “Come on, Pam, as much as you embarass yourself, SURELY something has happened while you were wearing running shoes.”  But, nope.  Couldn’t come up with anything.  BUT I did come up with something running RELATED.  I used to attend a step aerobics class, and the instructor and I were training for the Clarksville Half Marathon (this was last year, so it was my first) at the same time.  She ended up moving off for a few months and didn’t run it.  When I bumped into her in town after she moved back, she asked me how it went and what my time was.  When I told her, she laughed at me.  Yep.  Out loud and right in my face.  Looking back on it now, it just makes me wish I’d grabbed her by her cute little blonde pigtails and slammed her face into the pavement a time or two, but then it made me feel about this big.

And Funderson wants to know:

What races do you plan to complete in 2011?

That seems to be the million-dollar question these days!  As I’ve said, I want to work on shorter distances and speed.  There is a Cupid’s Chase 5K in Murray, KY on 2/12 that I’d like to do.  And there’s a Chickasaw Chase 10 miler in the Chickasaw State park on January 8th.  And I will probably repeat the Johnsonville Charge and Race on the Trace 5-milers in January and February.  For my spring half marathon, there are two I haven’t chosen between yet.  They’re both close and relatively inexpensive, so I would do them both, but they are only a week apart.  I will either be doing the Murray Half Marathon or the Andrew Jackson Half Marathon.  I’m leaning more toward the Andrew Jackson.  In the fall, I plan on running the inaugural Rock n Roll St. Louis half marathon.

Notice how there are no more marathons on that schedule?  ONE AND DONE, BABY.

What is your #1 indispensable running accessory?  #2?

Numero uno is definitely my Garmin Forerunner 305.  Second would be my iPod.

Do you send Christmas/Holiday cards?  Why or why not?

I do not.  Because I am lazy.

What do you mostly think about when training?

I’m still pretty new to the sport, so I’m not to the “mindless running” level yet.  A lot of you guys talk about how you just let your mind wander and don’t even realize you’re running.  Yeah.  I’m so not there.  I still have to stay mentally present and concentrate on form, breathing, and pace.

Is your sweetheart supportive of your extracurricular active activities?  How?

As much as he can be, yes.  He always tells me he’s proud of me and never complains about the money that gets sunk into it.  Which is more than I can say for myself.

What’s your proudest moment of 2010?

Here, let me show you again.

And now TAG, you’re it, Bobbi, Bootchez, and Zaneta!