St. Jude Marathon Weekend–Third Time’s a Charm (I Hope!)

The first time I ran St. Jude was in 2011.  I had (what I afterwards found out was) bronchitis with resulting costochondritis and strained intercostal muscles from the relentless cough.  I was in pain and hadn’t slept well in a week.  I was crying in the corrals because I wanted to bail so badly.  But I didn’t.  And I sucked as much as one would expect.

The second time I ran St. Jude was in 2012.  Normally one would be happy to have a sunny 70-degree day in December.  But not a runner who has trained for a marathon in 40- and 50-degree weather for the last couple of months.  My race sucked as much as one would expect.

The third time I will run St. Jude will be on December 6th of this year!

Registration for Heroes opened at 10:00 yesterday morning, and I was on it like stink on shit.  Last year I waited until open registration and it sold out before I got in (which turned out great for me because the race was CANCELLED due to an ice storm last year!).  I didn’t want to risk that again this year, so I committed to doing a little fundraising.  This is the first time I’ve made that monetary commitment, but I’m excited to be doing it!

(If you’d like to donate toward my $500 commitment, you can do it here: