Our Trip to the Dominican Republic!

I hate to even write this because when you write a recap of something that means it’s over!  After 2+ years of hoping and planning and anticipating, in one short week POOF, it really was over.  But it was totally worth the long-ass wait and it was every bit as amazing as I’d hoped it would be.

Last month, D and I and the bestie and her hubby spent a week at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  To say it was awesome is an understatement.  I don’t even know how to begin describing it, so I’ll just let the pictures mostly speak for themselves.

The beach:

Little did I know that that wave behind me was about to almost take me down!

The room:

The resort grounds:

One of the 13 pools at the resort

The adventures:

Squeaky clean… but not for long.

Jumping into a natural cave pool to clean off a bit midway through.

Paddleboarding is not as easy as some people make it look!

The relaxation and recreation:

Michele took up bird watching while we were there.  HAHA!

This is shortly before I went down for the count with one too many cocktails!

Entrance to the spa.  Facials and massages for everyone!

The pool in the sensory relaxation area of the spa that you got to hang out in after your paid service.

I had to try a Cuban cigar.  Just to say I did.

The getting cleaned up and going out:

And then the leaving:

Sad face  😦

It was a spectacular trip, and I’m beyond happy that we got to share it with such amazing friends!  Now where to next…?  🙂