My Day in Numbers

Number of times I hit the snooze button – 2
Cats I almost tripped over in the dark – 1
Cups of coffee – 3
Number of suicidal rabbits I encountered on the way to work – 2
Number of customers I wanted to slap – 1 (It was a slow day!)
Frogs I had to chase out of my office’s lobby – 1
Hyper dogs that have driven me crazy today – 2
Miles run – 3
Temperature at 5:30 when I started my run – 97
Heat index at 5:30 when I started my run – 104
Number of pounds of water I lost in a 31:40 minute run – 1
Squirrels I saw while running in the park – 9,000,003
Number of heart attacks I almost had from thinking I was seeing a helicopter almost crash – 1 (I live in farm land. I have seen the yellow cropdusting planes all my life, but I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a cropdusting helicopter until today!)
Number of loads of laundry done – 2
Mosquito bites on my feet and legs that have made me INSANE today – 11
Weeks to marathon – 20!!!

More numbers dorkiness:

According to Galloway’s Book on Running, temperatures of 80-85 degrees will put you approximately 20% slower than your goal pace. If I ran 3 miles in 31:40 on a 104-degree day, does that mean I have a 25-minute 5K in me when it gets cooler?????

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