500 miles

I feel pretty lame posting about hitting 500 miles when so many of you have already hit 1,000 for the year, but damnit it’s my blog and my milestone, so I’ll celebrate it if I want to!

After I logged my 5.1 mile run tonight, my log summary looked like this.

I had said I wanted to hit 1,000 miles in 2012, so I’m only, what, a month and 9 days behind?  It’s still doable, right? …. RIGHT????  Oh, hell, I know it’s doable.  The real question is will I suck it up and do it????

Tuesday Tidbits

  • This is my 300th post.  Please hold your applause.  Mostly because you would look a little challenged sitting alone at your desk clapping.  On second thought, go ahead.  Your coworkers could probably use a giggle.
  • We have baby bluebirds on our porch!
  • This photo was taken last week.  Not last fall.  All those leaves you see on the ground?  Yeah, that’s because everything here is dying or already dead from lack of rain.  We got a little rain a couple of days after this photo was taken, but I’m afraid the damage is already done.  Poor farmers.
  • Remember Mimi from the Drew Carey Show?  If she has a Mini Me, I saw her at Walmart Sunday.  The sad thing is it was a CHILD, no more than 8 years old, and her mother let her leave the house looking that way.  If it wasn’t so sad, it would have been hilarious.  
  • We saw the movie Ted Saturday night.  It’s been a long damn time since I’ve seen a movie that funny!  It was positively hilarious.
  • A new gourmet cupcake shop opened up in town.  I liked their Facebook page and posted to it asking if they had vegan cupcakes.  They replied that they don’t but “hopefully in the future.”  I won’t hold my breath.  This IS Hicksville, after all.  There’s not a huge demand for vegan fare here, so I’ll be shocked if they come through on that.
  • I had THE. WORST. RUN. Sunday morning.  It was 8 miles of sweat and expletives.  Fucking miserable.
  • I just scored a pair of Brooks Ghost 4s for $63.  I guess they’re clearancing them out to make room for the 5s.  I didn’t need the shoes yet.  The 4s I’m running in now only have about 200 miles on them, and I’ll be able to make those last a while longer since I’ve got the Mizunos in rotation now too, but DUDE I couldn’t NOT get them for that price.
  • I did this circuit yesterday after seeing it posted on the 5 Miles Past Empty Facebook page.  Well, I did MOST of that circuit.  My dogs decided they wanted to play, too.  I hate doing mountain climbers.  The dogs, however, thought they were awesome.  Ever tried to do mountain climbers with one dog trying to climb under you and the other licking your face?  I’m just glad they weren’t humping me.

Possessed. By a SPEED demon.

Whoever has taken over control of my legs… please keep up the good work!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well the training has gone coming off the Nearly Runless Summer of 2011.  I’ve really just been working on building back up a decent base to this point, but I’m now just getting started on the actual training plan leading into my March half-marathon(s?).  I put together my own plan (with a little help from Hal Higdon and Greg McMillan), and I think I’ve come up with one that will be quite challenging, but totally doable.  I can only hope it all goes as smoothly as the first two weeks have gone.  They have definitely been a huge confidence booster.

Thursday I had a five-mile tempo run scheduled.  I was running after work, so it was dark.  I could only occasionally see my pace when I would run under a street lamp, so for the most part I was just trying to run at a comfortably uncomfortable pace.  Until Thursday night, the fastest five miles I had ever run was at a 9:44 pace at a five-mile race last January.  So I was SHOCKED when I finished the run and looked at my Garmin to see a 9:29 overall pace on Thursday.  SHOCKED, I tell you.

And then Saturday… aaaaaahhhh…. I’m still soaking in Saturday just a little bit.  My long run was a repeat of last week.  Eight miles.  Just last weekend I ran a small local 8-mile race and set a PR at a 10:12 pace.  Which, to be honest, I was tickled to death with.  I tried to be a good girl and run Saturday’s eight at a pace closer to what all the smart people say a long run should be run at, but it just wasn’t happening.  When I tried to do the suggested “long slow distance” pace it just felt plain ol’ AWKWARD, so I decided to ignore my Garmin, pay attention to my breathing, and run at a pace that I felt like I could run for a long time.  And that’s what I did.  I didn’t pay any more attention to my pace until I got near the end and saw an average pace of just slightly over 10.  So at that point I did kick it in just a little bit.  I ran just fast enough that last quarter mile or so to end up with this:

A sub-10 on a long run???  Who ARE you???  I don’t know you anymore.

Sometimes I love running.


First I post my 100th post earlier today.

Then I check my running log to see where I’m at for September–94 miles.  So guess what I did this afternoon.

Yep, you guessed it!  I ran 6 miles to round out September to an even 100 miles!  My first 100-mile month ever!!!


Whirlwind Weekend

How is it possible that it’s 8:30 Sunday evening? I feel like it was just a few hours ago that I got off work on Friday afternoon!

Yesterday consisted of a 1.5-hr drive with me, Hubby, and two 50-pound dogs all crammed in my two-seater to go to my hometown for a combination Mother’s Day/Dad’s birthday/friend’s 30th birthday celebration. Busy day to say the least!

This morning I got out of bed about 8:00 and did some light housework (the quiet stuff, so I didn’t wake up Hubby), all the while arguing with myself about whether or not I felt like running. All week long I had planned on doing a longish run this weekend because it was supposed to be sooooo pretty out. I honestly did NOT feel like running, but I convinced myself that I would hate myself if I didn’t because in all likelihood this is the last of the cool weather. (It was 47 when I got up.) Might as well take full advantage of it.

I am SO GLAD I did.

I just recently bought a fuel belt so that I could change up my routes. I’ve always had to lay out my long runs around my house or my parked car or a convenience store or something. NO MORE! I threw on my belt and hit the pavement.

And today I hit a pretty major milestone. I ran ten miles NONSTOP. Since I had my belt, I did not have to stop for water. I did not stop to walk. I did not stop to stretch. I did not stop to pee. (I did not pass Go. I did not collect $200…) I started running, and I did not stop running until my Garmin beeped it’s 10th alert. I struggled with a humongous hill between 4 and 5, and I just kept telling myself, “Push to mile 5, then you can stop and walk.” Well, the hill ended shortly before I hit 5, so I told myself, “Okay, you’re fine now, you don’t have to stop because you’re fixing to turn around and coast down the hill you just overcame. Enjoy it and you can walk at mile 6.” Well, hell, by the time I got to 6 I was feeling great because I had just pretty much coasted for a mile. So I pushed further: “If you push to 8 miles, you’ll be back to the highway. You can walk then.” So I did. And I still felt pretty good. So I was like, “Ah, what the hell! You’ve come this far! Two more miles! Go!” And I did, and I made it, and it was awesome. Average pace 10:49.

Yay me!

And then I rewarded myself with more housework and laundry and a shitload of yard work.

I’m exhausted, but I’ve earned it.