Three Things Thursday

1.  The wasps have been so horrible this spring that we haven’t been able to leave the french doors open like we usually do.  So last Friday D went to Lowe’s and bought a sliding screen door.  It’s been fabulous.  Tuesday afternoon, me and the dogs were there at the house with the French doors open and the screen shut.  The neighbor behind us cranked up his lawn mower, which always sends the dogs running to the door to check it out.  Or if the door is open, they run OUT the door to check it out.  (Who doesn’t see where this is going?)  Seems that pit bulls don’t have a very good memory.  Bella stopped short of the screen door.  Harley, however, did not and plowed right through it.  It ended up being okay though.  The frame was okay.  D did have to put a new screen in it though.  We now have big blue X’s in painters tape across the bottom of the screen at their eye level so maybe they will realize something is there when it’s closed.

2.   I think I’m the only female on the planet that has never done the in-the-car-with-sunglasses-on self-portrait.  Until yesterday.

3.   I just recently heard the term “mercury retrograde.”  I’m not into astrology or anything, but a friend of mine is and she mentioned that we were in mercury retrograde until April 23rd.  I don’t know what it all technically means, but she said that this phenomenon is the cause of a lot of annoyances, mostly dealing with technology, communication, travel, mechanics, etc.  Funny what you don’t notice until someone points it out!  Just in the past few days two of my rural carriers’ strobe lights on their delivery cars stopped working, and the gas gauge on my Tahoe has been going all wonky.  Coincidence?  Probably.