Me time!

I’ve really been feeling the need for some quality me time here lately, and I’m finally getting it. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was in Knoxville visiting my sister, and I had a rockin’ time. Literally rockin’. The concert (Adelita’s Way and Chevelle with Three Days Grace headlining) was flippin’ SWEET, and I got to share the experience with my sister and a dear old friend from high school that also lives in Knoxville. Good times. 🙂 When I ordered my ticket, the web site said that no flash photography was allowed, but when we got there everybody and their monkey had a camera with them. I, on the other hand, had my cell phone. I took like a gazillion pictures, only a couple of which turned out to be not blurry. These were the best ones I could get.

Meh. At least it’s enough to prove I was there.

I went back to work today and played catch-up from being out of the office most of the week. WHY I didn’t take one more vacation day and just make a one-day workweek out of it is beyond me.

But now it’s the weekend again, and I’ve got a little more me time in store. We’re just going to take it easy at the house tonight because I have an early date with the pavement in the morning. I have to get a long run in (12 miles! This will be the first time I’ve run that distance!) early enough to get showered and drive a little over an hour to meet a friend for lunch at 11:30. Then after lunch it’s to the spa. Ahhhhhh, the spa. Even saying the word is relaxing. Spaaaaaaaaahhhh. I can’t wait! The friend I am meeting gave me a gift certificate to this spa for my 30th birthday and told me that the one stipulation to the gift was that I had to use it on a girl’s day out with her. No problemo, girlfriend! Any time any of you need a spa date, I am your girl!

I Hear You, Legs. Loud and Clear.

After ending last week’s running on a high note with a good five-miler, I was eager to bang out my 11 miles on Sunday. Long story short, I didn’t quite make it. At 9 miles it was in the mid 70s with a humidity high enough to make it feel like I was wearing a steaming-hot turban. I was hot, soaked, and parched, so I called it a day. Yes, I fell two miles short of my goal; and, no, I didn’t finish it any faster than I did last fall. (Well, 11 seconds faster…) But I don’t consider it an EPIC fail because according to my log last fall’s 9 miler was done at 40 degrees–a much more suitable running temperature for me. I’m just kind of getting concerned now because I’ve only got one more long run before the half on the 24th. I WILL get in 12 miles next Saturday if I have to get up before dawn to make it happen!

I’m trying to play it smart today and listen to my body. I’m in Knoxville visiting my sister. I’m not familiar with the area and don’t know any good places to run. And she’s not a runner, so she doesn’t know the hot spots either. But she said that she had seen lots of people running on a street not far from her apartment complex. I set out this morning to put in five miles on that street. Well, actually it was a concrete sidewalk beside the street. In less than two miles, I had this going on:

Left knee: “I’m not so sure about this concrete stuff.”
Right knee: “Yeah, me neither. This doesn’t feel like it does at home.”
Me: “Shut up, you’ll be fine. It’s just five miles.”
Right knee: “Oh yeah? You think so? Take this!”
Me: “Ouch! Stop that!”
Left knee: “And how about a little of THIS?”
Me: Silence. (I’m hoping if I ignore them they’ll go away.)
Right SHIN: “You knees are amateurs. If you want her to quit, THIS is how you do it.”

They won. I didn’t figure it was worth risking an injury just to one-up my body for today.