Sweltering, Sweaty Saturday Sunrise Six

How’s THAT for alliteration?

A couple of weeks ago, TMB started a fun little challenge, and today I played along. Here’s how it works:

“It’s simple. Grab your camera before your next run. Take a pre-run photo of yourself. Then take one photo of whatever is directly in front of you at the end of each mile. And then, when you are done, take a post-run photo of yourself.”

In my sleep-deprived haze, I forgot to take the pre-run photo of myself, so we’ll start with this photo that I took as I walked out my front door.

It was already a very muggy 76 degrees with 100% humidity for a heat index of 84. (I’m REALLY growing weary of these crazy hot days with their crazy high humidities and heat indices.) Nevertheless, I strapped on my Fuelbelt and hit the road.

It was a gorgeous morning. I know the rules say to take a picture at every mile, but I had to throw in a few extra because it was just so darn pretty. I left the house right at sunrise, so the nighttime fog was just starting to lift.

And here we have miles 1, 2, 3, and 4:

At about mile 4.5 I ran into some more very picturesque scenery. I wish I had the camera skillz to accurately capture the beauty, but I don’t, so this is the best you get with a Kodak point-and-shoot.

It’s at about this point that I turn and start heading back home, and here’s mile 5 on the way:

I didn’t take a mile 6 photo to share because my Garmin beeped mile 6 as I was coming up my drive to my house. At the time, I was thinking, “Some things are sacred. If there are any stalkers reading my blog, they already know what town I’m in, where I work, what I drive, and where I park my unlocked car when I run certain routes. They don’t need to know which house to look for when they come to kidnap me.” But now that I think about it, it’s not like it would be all that hard to find out where I live if someone really wanted to. And I skipped on the post-run photo, too. Because I like you guys too much to subject you to that type of frizzy-haired horror. Again, in hindsight, it probably would have been okay to post it. Because if there ARE any stalkers reading my blog, that photo would have made the perfect deterrent. Cuz seriously. NOBODY would want any of THAT.

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Earlier today, Emz put up a really fun post, and I’m playing along. Hers was actually the second post of this nature that I’ve seen. Amy did one a few weeks back that was quite entertaining. 🙂

Without further adu, I give you my fridge:

In the first picture we have on the …

Top shelf – Organic cage-free eggs, organic milk, and Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade. I’m pretty sure it’s not organic.

Second shelf – Unsalted butter, flax seed oil, a little bowl with some dog treats in it, Body Balance, almond butter, Country Crock, and Michelob Ultra.

Third shelf – Leftover mashed taters (that I’m quite certain would probably smell pretty funky by now), a roll of ground beef for burgers tomorrow night, and a little dab of sweet tea that needs to be poured out and the pitcher washed.

In the drawers is your typical stuff…cheese, veggies, fruits, etc.

In the second picture we have EVERY TYPE OF CONDIMENT IMAGINEABLE. And most of them are still actually within their expiration dates!

Steak sauce, marinades, worcestershire sauce, wasabi sauce, bbq sauce, grape jelly, pickles, wing sauce, tobasco sauce, various salad dressings, mayo, mustard, organic ketchup (hey, I’m cutting out HFCS everywhere I can!), olives, pepperocinis, lemon and lime juice, a dry red wine for cooking, and Hubby’s ever-present Coca-Cola.

And for the Q&A portion of the game…

*** What are a few things you like in there? Well, I guess everything. Else it wouldn’t be in my fridge.

*** What can’t you live without in it? The adult beverages.

*** What should you live without that’s in it currently? The adult beverages.

*** What do you wish was in it? More adult beverages. Specifically Fat Tire. I have fallen in love with Fat Tire this summer!