Three Things Thursday

1.   I am starvin’ like Marvin these days!
My marathon training is only just beginning and my mileage is already where it was in the final weeks of my half-marathon training when I noticed an increase in appetite.  If it’s like this at 20 miles a week, HOLY CRAP, what’s it gonna be like at 40?!  I’m keeping my calories in check and doing a good job of avoiding the junk and instead going for the more filling raw fruits and veggies and such.  But I would really love to bury my face in a chocolate cake the size of my house.
2.   I was a little concerned about some shin pain that showed up after Saturday’s ten miles.  It hung around all weekend.  I attributed it to my shoes’ mileage and hoped that replacing them would do the trick.  I wore the new ones for a short three miles Tuesday night, and my right shin was pretty angry at me afterwards.  I iced it then took a warm shower and some ibuprofen and it was fine.  Then I ran five miles in the new shoes again last night with no discomfort whatsoever.  Hopefully Tuesday’s pain was a little residual inflammation from the weekend and won’t show back up.
3.  I woke up this morning and my contact lens was gone.  Just like completely not in my eye and I couldn’t find it on my pillow.  I’ve had it slip before, but I could always feel it riding high on my eyeball or feel it stuck to the back of my eyelid or something, but this one is just GONE.  Weird.