Typically, for me Friday = rest day, but I missed an easy 4 miles on Thursday due to storms, and Friday afternoon it was just simply too gorgeous to NOT to run.  So even though I was planning on racing a 5K on Saturday morning, I decided to go out for a super easy four after work.  Usually these runs are run on the back roads around my house, but it was a beautiful day, and so for this one I decided to go into town where I could surely do lots of people watching (<—- mistake #1).

I parked at Lowe’s, like I always do, and when I reached for my sports sunglasses I realized they weren’t there.  CRAP.  I forgot them when I was packing my run bag.  I had other sunglasses with me but they really bug me when I run in them, so I went sans shades (<—- mistake #2).

So there I was, trotting along, savoring the run, less than a quarter-mile in, and the next thing I know concrete is coming at me at approximately 10 min/mile.

Let’s all just ignore the hair and focus on the blood, shall we?

My first wipeout.  Ahhhh, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  But it sure would have been nice if it could have happened on a secluded country road with no witnesses!  Or maybe if I had remembered my sunglasses I wouldn’t have been running with my eyes half closed.  haha

Luckily, that’s the worst of my injuries.  (Unless you count my pride because there were TONS of people around!  Unfortunately, lots of people to watch = lots of people watching you!)  Just a scraped knee and palms of both hands.  I got up, dusted myself off, and finished the run, and STILL savored every step!

(Side note:  My “injury” was enough to keep me from going to the 5K this morning.  The knee I went down on was a little stiff this morning.  I didn’t know if running would loosen it up or make it worse, so I just decided to sit this one out.  I really didn’t want to DNF a 5K.  If yesterday’s spill bruised my pride, a 5K DNF would have shattered it!)