Tuesday Tidbits

  • We were under a heat advisory all weekend long with temps of 100+ and heat indices of 110+.  I knew if I was gonna get a long run in it was gonna have to be super early.  I got up at 4:45 Sunday morning and was out the door at first light to get in 8 miles while it was still bearable.  Tell me I ain’t dedicated.
  • I took a couple of vacation days for yesterday and today to go with the holiday tomorrow.  We weren’t going anywhere, and I had no plans, but I just really wanted a couple of days off to do my own thing.
  • One of those things yesterday involved buying the dogs a kiddie pool.  They weren’t very interested in it.  Bella drank out of it, and Harley barked at it.  Oh well… can’t let it go to waste!
  • I cleaned out my truck today.  That’s pretty monumental.
  • Is there anything in the world sweeter than a sleeping pup?
  • Don’t forget to enter my Glass Dharma giveaway here!

    Glass Dharma Review and Giveaway!

    A couple of months ago, Jenn at Jenn’s Adventures hosted a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Glass Dharma.  I entered it, and when I returned from vacation I found an email waiting for me in my inbox telling me that I’d won!

    If you’ve never heard of Glass Dharma (don’t feel bad if you haven’t–I hadn’t either), they are the Original Glass Straw.  Think about that for a second.  A GLASS STRAW.  A straw that you don’t throw away.  One straw to replace a lifetime of plastic straws that would have been discarded and thrown into a landfill.  Imagine the environmental impact.  It’s genius!  If everyone had just ONE STRAW how many millions upon millions of straws would that cut out?  It would be so easy to keep one in your car for trips through the drive-thru or take into restaurants with you.

    My main concern when I first heard about the product was breakage.  That concern turned out to be unfounded.  From their web site:  If for any reason* your GlassDharma Drinking straw breaks, you may return the broken straw for repair or replacement.  If we cannot restore it to its original condition, we will gladly replace it.

    After browsing their site, I chose the Simple Elegance 8 inch, the Simple Elegance 9 inch (both in the 9.5-mm diameter, or the “iced tea” style), and the cleaning brush.  Even with shipping, my $25 gift certificate was enough to make the entire order free with a couple of bucks to spare.  (Buying a set of four makes for a better value, but I was trying to keep it under the $25 and accomplished just that with those three items.)

    My favorite way to use mine is in my smoothies.  🙂

    Sure I could drink the smoothie without it, but it just adds a little elegance (hence the name, Simple Elegance) to an otherwise ordinary drink.  I love my straws!

    Other stock photos from The Glass Dharma:

    And now Glass Dharma has been generous enough to offer another $25 gift certificate to one of my readers.  To enter the giveaway, simply enter a comment below.  For a bonus entry, like them on Facebook and leave another comment to let me know you did.

    This giveaway will close at 11:59 pm on 7/9/2012.  Winner will be selected on 7/10/2012 using random.org based on the order of the comments below.  If winner doesn’t claim their prize within three days, another winner will be selected.  I won my products as a giveaway prize, but the above-stated opinions are my own.  I am not being compensated in any way by Glass Dharma.  I simply wanted to pass along a good thing!  It’s hard to find a quality American-made product with excellent customer service, and the Glass Dharma is just that!

    ADDED ON 7/3:  Several people have questioned the “cleanability” of the straws.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use $5 of your $25 gift certificate to get one of their cleaning brushes.  You can find that item here on their Accessories page.  With that, cleaning is effortless!