Santa Claus Must be a Runner

Because that dude certainly knows what a little runner girl likes.  (Or maybe it was the very detailed, very specific Amazon wishlist I sent to all his little elves…)


Yes, my friends, that is indeed a running skirt, courtesy of the mother-in-law.  I don’t even wear a skirt to church, y’all, but I’m about to give the whole running skirt thing a whirl.

A head lamp!  This is gonna save me from breaking my neck or becoming road kill.  With these shorter days, I’m forced to run up town on our crazy cracked sidewalks and track.  There are street lamps but it’s still dark between them and I’ve tripped a few times already.  And there have been a few times that I’ve run out of daylight while running on the highway near my house.  This will be nice to have to draw attention to myself when I know I’ll be running that risk. 


A hydration pack!  My niece went off-list for this one.  I’ve never really thought about trying one of these, but she runs and she swears I’ll LOVE it.

I asked for gift cards to Dick’s because I have a spin bike picked out and wanted money to put toward that purchase.  A purchase that I tried unsuccessfully to make yesterday.  That will be a whole blog post in itself just as soon as I find out how everything is gonna play out.
And my absolute favorite:

How effing awesome is this shirt?!  I WILL be wearing this in my next race.

What fitness related gifts did YOU get this year???