Food For Thought IV

Woops!  I just noticed this one has been sitting in draft form for several weeks.  My Food for Thought was growing mold.  haha

Apple Crisp Muffins from (full recipe in link) – I don’t bake  Like, EVER.  But I came across this recipe one evening and realized I had everything here to make them (once I found out old-fashioned oats and rolled oats are the same thing haha).  I made them the next morning and took them to work fresh out of the oven and everyone LOVED them!  They tease me about my eating, so I love proving to them that you don’t have to have meat and dairy for stuff to taste awesome!

Cheesy Tofu Scramble from Cookin’ Crunk – I make tofu scrambles fairly frequently for breakfast on the weekends but this is the first time I followed Bianca’s recipe.  They’re all basically the same, but I loved the flavor that her soy sauce/spice blend gave it!  She suggests adding veggies of your choice, and for this one I used yellow sweet peppers, green onions, black beans, and kale.  YUM!

Moroccan Lentil Soup from Everyday Happy Herbivore  – Y’all, my whole house smelled AHHHHH-MAZING while this was cooking.  I love lentils, and I love anything with a Moroccan flair to it, so this was just perfect for me.

Tempeh Bacon from Plant Hungry – You just can’t beat a BLT.  Unless you add avocado to it.  I had never tried tempeh until about a year or so ago (because no one around here carries it and I have to buy it out of town!), and bacon was one of the first things I learned how to make with it.  I hate myself a little bit for not doing it years ago.

Red Red Stew with Fried Bananas from Everyday Happy Herbivore – The stew itself was okay, but HOLY HELL, how have I never had fried bananas before?!?!?!  I’d have been happier if I had a meal of fried bananas with a side of stew.  haha

Food for Thought III (You Win Some, You Lose Some)

Cumin-infused Vegetables and Chickpeas over Quinoa from Fat Free Vegan (full recipe in link) – WIN!  I love it when I see an ingredient in a recipe list and think, “Really?  That?  In there?” and then it totally works.  The raisins made this dish.  I couldn’t stop eating it.

And the rest are all from Everyday Happy Herbivore since I’m still trying to go light!

Andrea’s Puttanesca – Lose.  It looked pretty enough, but it was pretty bland.  Won’t be repeating this one.

Sweet and Sour Tempeh – This wasn’t a favorite either.  I’ve made a very similar dish using her teriyaki sauce from the same book and it was muuuuuch better.

Chili-Sweet Mango Noodles – I hate mangoes.  Not their flavor.  They’re freaking delicious!  But I HATE, HATE, HATE cutting them!  They’re so damn juicy and sticky!  But DAMNIT they were good in this!  To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed by this one either when I ate it right out of the skillet.  But when I ate it cold out of the fridge for lunch the next day?  It was a completely different dish.  If I make this one again, I’ll definitely make it ahead and eat it cold!

Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Kale – Mmmmmm, kale.  Big win!  This recipe says it serves two.  Yeah… about that… not if I’M one of those two people.  Haha  This was crazy good.  I love the flavor of garam masala, so this was right up my alley!

Food for Thought

I love food.  I love shopping for it, I love cooking it, I love eating it.  I have been reminded this week, though, that I HATE photographing it!  You people that can take pictures of food and make it look good are freaking rock stars.

So here’s the deal.  I’ve amassed quite the collection of cookbooks, plus a gazillion bookmarked recipes I want to try.  I’ve decided to try to cook my way through some of them.  These are my stories.  DONG DONG.  (Also, I may have been watching too much Law & Order SVU.)

Creamy Potato Leek Soup from Isa Does It.  Not bad, but not a repeater, unless I have leeks I need to use up.

Ancho Lentil Tacos, also from Isa Does It, with fresh guacamole.  These were VERY good!  For taco meat, I usually use the recipe from Happy Herbivore Abroad because it’s super quick and super yummy, but these are a nice alternative for something a little different every now and then.  Definitely a repeater!

Last Sunday we had a big family cookout to celebrate my niece’s 21st birthday.  You don’t get more cookout friendly than burgers and tater salad, and I chose these.

Cajun Potato Salad from Everyday Happy Herbivore.  This was PERFECT once I adjusted it to my taste.  I like my shit spicy, and I found the Creamy Cajun Mustard a bit bland, but once I added some cayenne and red pepper flakes, it was juuuuuust right.  Everyone liked it!

Smoked Chickpea Burgers from (full recipe in link).  Yeah, that’s a burger on bread.  Don’t judge me.  All the buns got used up at the cookout.  I had leftover burgers and bread.  I used what I had and called it lunch.  These were really tasty, but the damn things fell apart very easily.  Next time I make them I need to do something to make them not as soft.

Tempeh Spaghetti & Meatballs from Isa Does It.  These meatballs were really good!  I pan-fried half of them as the chef/author suggested, and baked the others in an attempt to save some fat calories.  In my opinion, the baked ones were even better!  I took the easy way out and just used Trader Joe’s marinara sauce, and it turned out to be delicious.

Black Bean & Salsa Soup (full recipe in link) from Everyday Happy Herbivore.  YUM!  I kinda hate to think about how many times I paid $2.89 a can for Amy’s Organic black bean soup when I could have just been making this.  SO fast, SO easy, and sooooo goooooood.  Hard as hell to photograph though.  The soup was hot, and before I could get a decent photo, my Tofutti sour cream had started to sink and melt.  (First-world foodie problems.)  It was just a little bit thinner than I usually like my soups, so next time I’ll decrease the vegetable broth a tad.  I’ll be making this a LOT more I’m sure.

And there you have my first feeble attempt at food blogging.

The end.