Lucky me, I was tagged twice yesterday because apparently I’m just THAT cool.

Emz and Funderson each tagged me to answer a series of questions, so here goes!  Two birds, one stone.

Emz wanted to know:

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?

DUH!  Wanna see my medal again?

Running goals for 2011?

One thousand miles.  I will end 2010 with over 700 miles, so 1,000 isn’t that much of a stretch.  I would also like to work on speed in the shorter distances and knock a few more minutes off my half-mary PR.

What’s your favorite race?

Hands down — Nashville’s CMM.  It was crazy crowded and hilly, but the course support and spectatorship were awesome, and Nashville is just a great city.

Favorite Holiday Guilty Pleasure?

CHESS SQUARES.  I could single-handedly eat a freakin’ pan of those things if I didn’t control myself.  Do they have a jillion calories?  Yes, they do.  Do I care?  I most certainly do not.  I have them once a year, and I savor every bite!

Most embarassing running moment?

I had to think on this one.  Surprisingly, I couldn’t come up with anything that has happened during a run.  I was like, “Come on, Pam, as much as you embarass yourself, SURELY something has happened while you were wearing running shoes.”  But, nope.  Couldn’t come up with anything.  BUT I did come up with something running RELATED.  I used to attend a step aerobics class, and the instructor and I were training for the Clarksville Half Marathon (this was last year, so it was my first) at the same time.  She ended up moving off for a few months and didn’t run it.  When I bumped into her in town after she moved back, she asked me how it went and what my time was.  When I told her, she laughed at me.  Yep.  Out loud and right in my face.  Looking back on it now, it just makes me wish I’d grabbed her by her cute little blonde pigtails and slammed her face into the pavement a time or two, but then it made me feel about this big.

And Funderson wants to know:

What races do you plan to complete in 2011?

That seems to be the million-dollar question these days!  As I’ve said, I want to work on shorter distances and speed.  There is a Cupid’s Chase 5K in Murray, KY on 2/12 that I’d like to do.  And there’s a Chickasaw Chase 10 miler in the Chickasaw State park on January 8th.  And I will probably repeat the Johnsonville Charge and Race on the Trace 5-milers in January and February.  For my spring half marathon, there are two I haven’t chosen between yet.  They’re both close and relatively inexpensive, so I would do them both, but they are only a week apart.  I will either be doing the Murray Half Marathon or the Andrew Jackson Half Marathon.  I’m leaning more toward the Andrew Jackson.  In the fall, I plan on running the inaugural Rock n Roll St. Louis half marathon.

Notice how there are no more marathons on that schedule?  ONE AND DONE, BABY.

What is your #1 indispensable running accessory?  #2?

Numero uno is definitely my Garmin Forerunner 305.  Second would be my iPod.

Do you send Christmas/Holiday cards?  Why or why not?

I do not.  Because I am lazy.

What do you mostly think about when training?

I’m still pretty new to the sport, so I’m not to the “mindless running” level yet.  A lot of you guys talk about how you just let your mind wander and don’t even realize you’re running.  Yeah.  I’m so not there.  I still have to stay mentally present and concentrate on form, breathing, and pace.

Is your sweetheart supportive of your extracurricular active activities?  How?

As much as he can be, yes.  He always tells me he’s proud of me and never complains about the money that gets sunk into it.  Which is more than I can say for myself.

What’s your proudest moment of 2010?

Here, let me show you again.

And now TAG, you’re it, Bobbi, Bootchez, and Zaneta!


I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts this past week. From running, from blogging, from doing just about anything enjoyable. It’s been a craptastic week. Lots of long hours at the office, including one 13-hour workday doing a city route inspection in Memphis on a 10-mile walking route in the 106-degree heat. I’m not fussing about the route or the heat. I did it one day. These peeps do it 5 and 6 days a week! My only gripe is that I’m salary, so I basically donated 5 hours of my time.

I haven’t run since last Saturday morning, when I got up at the buttcrack of dawn to beat the heat and did 6 miles. I’ve just been pulled in so many directions, and it’s been so miserably hot (we were under a heat advisory the vast majority of the week), and I really just haven’t felt good physically (TMI alert! You know that thing most ladies do once a month? Yeah, I do it about once a year, and when I do it’s a BITCH. It just takes a lot out of me, and I’ve been dealing with that this week), and well honestly my heart just was not in it.

Things are looking up now though! Hubby and I went out last night with my Vegas marathon running partner and her husband, and talking about the race has really got me super excited to get back into training. I still was not quite there physically today. I actually slept good portion of the day. But I’m feeling a little spunkier tonight, so hopefully I’ll be ready to hit the pavement in the morning before church. I’m at least gonna get out there and I’ll just play it by ear and run as much as my body will allow.

There WAS one thing that happened this week that I feel I should share. Because what good is it making an idiot of yourself if you don’t tell everyone about it and let them get a good laugh at your expense?

I drove to Memphis Wednesday evening because I had to be there early Thursday morning and it’s a 2.5-hr drive. I got a hotel recommendation from the inspection team leader and made a reservation for the Homewood Suites on Poplar Avenue. I’m not familiar at all with the area, so I just GPS’d it. I was listening to the directions, and when it said “Arriving at destination on left.” I looked to the left and saw a sign that said Homewood Suites and cut into the parking lot. I parked the truck, grabbed my bag, and went into the lobby where I told the lady behind the desk that I was there to check and that I had a reservation under French. She typed something on her computer and said, “I don’t have anything under French.”
Me: blank stare
Clerk: Could it have been put under another name?
Me: No.
Clerk: Maybe it was misspelled. What is your first name?
Me: Pam
Clerk: *typing* No, ma’am, I’m sorry, I don’t have a reservation under that name. Do you have your confirmation number?
Me: Yes, I do. It’s written on a notepad at home on my sofa table 150 miles northeast of here.
Clerk: Do you remember when you made your reservation?

***phone rings***

Clerk: Can you hold on for just one moment? *answers phone* Thank you for calling Holiday Inn. How can I help you?
Me: *put credit card back in wallet, put wallet back in purse, and stand there laughing*
Clerk: (Now off phone) I’m sorry. Do you remember when you made your reservation?
Me: *shaking head and laughing* You just answered my question and made me feel like an idiot all at the same time.
Clerk: *puzzled look*
Me: When you answered the phone, you said, “Thank you for calling Holiday Inn.” My reservation is at Homewood Suites.
Clerk: *laughs hysterially*

But really. Who can blame her?