Hero For A Day

At least in a dog’s eyes.

When we got to work this morning, this little guy was hanging around our office:

Isn’t he an absolute cutie-patootie???  He just walked right in like he owned the place and loved on all of us.  He had no collar or ID of any sort on him, so I started calling the neighbors.  No one recognized him.  Just what I was afraid of.  My office is in a dumping grounds hot spot.  I have no doubt the little guy was dumped over the weekend.  We gave him food and water and began making phone calls and sending emails to rescues.  No way was this fella going to the county pound, and I couldn’t just leave him outside.  We are on a busy two-lane highway, and this pup had no fear of cars whatsoever, furthering my suspicion that he had at one point been a house dog.  Wherever he came from, he had been on his own a while.  He was pretty thin (not emaciated but underweight) and really dirty and desperately needed his nails trimmed.  But I couldn’t just send him back out on his own, so I had a little four-legged shadow at work today!  The more time I spent with him, the more certain I became that he had been a pet.  He didn’t pee on anything (not a normal behavior for an un-neutered male).  I let him outside and he peed and came right back.  And by the end of the day, he had staked his claim on my computer chair.  Yeah, he was familiar with the creature comforts.  But I still had no idea what I was going to do with him at closing time.  I couldn’t bring him home.  Bella and Harley are both dog friendly, but they play entirely too rough.  I was afraid they would hurt him not meaning to.  And I couldn’t just leave him in the office overnight.

Anyway, in addition to calling around, I uploaded this picture to Facebook trying to find him a home.  After lunch, a lady that I worked for a few years ago that lives a couple of hours from here spoke up and said if I couldn’t find anyone else she would take him.  HALLELUJAH!  I was in the process of trying to get in touch with her when one of my regular customers came in.  His mom lives across the street from the office and was the first one I called this morning.  She had called him and told him about the dog and he came by to see it.  Praise the Lord, he took it home.  He already has a poodle and a miniature pinscher at home, so it should be a great fit.  I left work with a happy heart and a smile on my face.  Nothing… absolutely nothing… makes me happier than to see a stray/shelter/abandoned dog going to a good home to live a happy life.  I will never in a million years understand how some people can treat animals as disposable objects.  It sickens me.  I’ve had to accept that I can’t save ’em all, but it makes me really happy to know that I made a difference in the life of one dog today.

Three Things Thursday

1.  I woke up with yet another pimple this morning.  Seriously, am I 31 or 13?

2.  I will be trying my hand at gardening this spring.  Please pray for my plants’ lives.  I was planning on joining a CSA this year, but that’s just another thing that’s been knocked off the list thanks to my buddies at the good ol’ IRS.  I’m not going to go overboard.  You know.  In case I really suck at it.  I’m thinking I’ll try mainly the easy stuff that I spend the most money on:  strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers…

3.  I’m writing this from my laptop as I sit on my back deck enjoying this BEAUTIFUL afternoon.  It is 73 degrees and sunny with a breeze.  I do believe it’s the most gorgeous day we’ve had yet this spring.  I plan to soak it up before it starts raining tomorrow.  I’m actually supposed to be running right now, but I’m ditching.  Shhhhhhhh…  I know, I know… all winter long I DREAMED of days like these to run in, but this afternoon I am enjoying chilling on the deck with a cold beverage and watching the dogs wrestle and play and run in the back yard.  Although it is hard to type up a post when all you can see is this:

My reflection in the laptop screen.

Harley says, “I always stretch after a strenuous afternoon of cardio.”  Have you ever seen a more perfect downward dog?

Versatile Blogger

I am quite possibly the only person that hasn’t done this yet. My reading list has been flooded by Versatile Blogger posts the past couple of weeks. I love reading them and finding out more about you guys, so I’ll humor Adam, who tagged me, and post a list of my own.

1. I hate clutter. Can’t stand it. I don’t have a lot of knickknacks sitting around, and I have very little stuff on my walls. My husband, on the other hand, is a freakin’ slob. This actually just gave me an idea for a post. More on this to come…

2. I’m a stickler for correct spelling and punctuation. I have to resist the urge to grade my friends’ facebook status updates. I get it from my Dad. I think he has actually marked up the local newspaper with red ink and mailed it back to them.

3. I hate to dress up for work. I get filthy working the mail, and I am NOT ruining good clothes! Most Postmasters wear business attire to work. I wear a Postal t-shirt, khaki Aeropostale uniform pants, and tennis shoes. It’s a small town–who am I trying to impress?

4. I watched Porky’s for the first time on the laptop on the plane ride home from Cabo last week. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a movie.

5. I have really gotten into earrings and fingernail polish lately.

6. I think one of the funniest sitcoms ever made was All in the Family. I am working on the DVD series collection.

7. We bought a used futon off Craigslist this weekend for the dogs. They now have their own bedroom complete with their own furniture.

Closed for Business

I am completely, totally, 100% in vacation mode. In less than 48 hours I will be boarding a plane to Cabo San Lucas, and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

I have been a female version of Michael Scott at work this week. I have been goofy, I have been nonproductive, and I have probably been a little obnoxious. I told my employees when I came in Monday morning, “If you need anything from me this week, you have five minutes to let me know, or else it will be two weeks before it gets done.” When everyone said they were good, I made the declaration, “Then the vacation starts NOW!” And, by George, I have held true to my word.

In the past, I have worn myself ragged in the days leading up to vacation trying to play get-ahead so that I didn’t have to play such a mean game of catch-up when I got back. I would stress myself so badly over everything (Will my neice remember to feed my cat? What if one of the dogs gets sick? What if an auditor shows up at my office? ARGH!) that my mood would carry over into the first couple of days of our trip. Not this year! I plan to board the plan a happy camper and enjoy every single second to the fullest.

I even started packing Tuesday night rather than waiting till the last minute as is true Pam fashion. (I got a little excited as I was packing some running clothes. I’m excited to see what kind of cool places I’ll have to run!)

Not much left to do now but finish packing and take the dogs to the sitter’s house tomorrow night.

Yes, I pay a woman $24 a day to keep my babies in her home as part of her family while I’m gone rather than sending them to a boarding kennel. What can I say? I love the little vermin.

And let’s not forget about my spa appointment tomorrow! If there is an ounce of stress left in me, it will be massaged away tomorrow at noon, followed by a manipedi to send me straight into nirvana.

Oh, and on a side note, my couch is scheduled for surgery next week. Please keep your fingers crossed that she pulls through.


Name that Dog!

I introduced you to Charley a couple of days ago, and now we need your help making a decision!

We didn’t name him that. That was what his foster mom had named him. But she didn’t totally come up with it on her own either. Before the rescue place had him, he was in a kill shelter. He was brought in as an owner-surrender, and this owner had been calling him Harley. Foster mom didn’t like this name, but since he already answered to it, she stuck with something similar: Charley.

Hubby had a dog named Charlie when he was younger and really doesn’t want to call him that. Sentimental reasons and such. Neither of us are just over-the-top happy about Harley either. But since he already knows it, we feel like we should stick with it or something phonetically similar. Marley? No. (Think “Marley & Me”) Barley? Nah. Farley? Hmmm…I dunno. I couldn’t stand Chris Farley. Carly? No, he’s a boy.

So what do y’all think? Share your brilliant ideas!

And Puppy Makes Five

Yep, we’re at it again. Another shelter dog finds a home with the Frenches. 🙂 Meet Charley!*

(photo stolen borrowed from his foster mom’s facebook page because I haven’t uploaded any from my own camera yet)

He’s a 7-month-old pit bull puppy that we are going to be adopting from 11:11 Bully Rescue in Dickson, TN. We brought him home for the weekend for a trial run before we made anything official (and to make sure things went better than the last time ), and he is an absolute doll! He and Bella have hit it off wonderfully, so I think we have a winner this time.

If y’all don’t already know by now, I’m a total animal person. I’ll take animals over people any day. And the bully breeds are my passion. It pisses me off and breaks my heart to see the media put such a bad spin on them when they are THE MOST loving and loyal breeds that you can ask for. If I had the time and resources, I would have a house full of them. But we are pretty well at maximum capacity now. The addition of Charley will bring our household population up to five, and until the three four-legged ones start earning a living and cleaning up after themselves we’re gonna have to put a cap on it there. At least until the next irresistable one comes along.

*Disclaimer: NO, we are NOT naming our animals from the Twilight Saga! Both dogs were already named when we got them!