If It Ain’t Broke…

So I finally broke down and went to urgent care Friday after I got off work about this pain in my ribs.  It’s really been hurting to do anything lately–sit, stand, lie down, cough, sneeze, hiccup, laugh.  Just about the only thing it DOESN’T hurt to do is run, so at least there’s that.  (Oh, it hurts plenty if I take a deep breath and expand my rib cage, but if I breathe CORRECTLY while I’m running–from the belly/diaphragm–no pain whatsoever.)

Anyway, long story short, he tapped on my ribs, I cringed; he pushed on my ribs, I said curse words…
And then he sent me for an x-ray.  To see if the ribs were broken and to see if there was anything showing up in my lungs that would have caused such a severe cough in the first place.
Hopefully this is the only image of my bare chest on the internet.
I was ultimately given the all clear.  Along with a diagnosis of bronchitis and pulled intercostal muscles and a sweet Christmas present of hydrocodone-laden cough syrup.  🙂