The Spin Bike Saga

In my last post I mentioned that I just bought a spin bike.  And GOOD LORD what an ordeal it was.

When I make a purchase of anything over about $1.75, I research the hell out of it first.  I read reviews, consumer reports, you name it.  I knew what my budget was, and after taking that into account as well as everything I learned in my research, I decided on the Schwinn IC2 model.  When we were doing some Christmas shopping in Jackson, I even went into the Dick’s Sporting Goods to “test drive” one.  I knew that was the one that I wanted.  So I told everyone to get me gift cards to Dick’s for Christmas to help with the cost.

And they did.

The day after Christmas, I could feel those gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  I went to the DIck’s web site to see if by chance it was on sale, and when I did the search all I got was a big, fat “item not found.”

Well crap.

I knew that the Jackson Dick’s had them in stock when we were there a couple of weeks before, but I thought we’d better call ahead to make sure there was one there before we drove the hour and 15 minutes to get there.  And it’s a good thing we did.  The sales associate said they didn’t have any and wasn’t even sure if they would GET any more.

*Insert cuss words here*

D called the only other Dick’s somewhat near us, in Clarksville, approximately an hour and a half  away.  I was standing right there when the conversation went down.  D specifically asked if they had any Schwinn IC2’s in stock.  A little prick on the other end of the line who identified himself as Clint said yes.  D asked, “How many do you have?”  Clint was all, “Do you REALLY want me to go count them?”  D was nicer than I would have been about that remark.  I would have come right back with equal smartassiness, but D just explained, “It’s just that we’re driving 75 miles to come get this thing.  I don’t want you to sell your last one before we get there.”  Clint says, “We have plenty.”

So we drive.  Seventy-five miles.  An hour and a half.  D drops me off at the entrance so he can stay in the truck with the dogs.  I walk directly to the fitness area, look around, and see a Schwinn, but not the Schwinn model that I am looking for.  I wait for a few minutes for a sales associate to come around, but one never does, so I have one paged.  Some other dude (who is NOT Clint) comes over and asks how he can help me.  My reply is, “Dude, I just drove an hour and a half to come get a Schwinn IC2 that an associate named Clint said that you had plenty of in stock.  I don’t even see one on the floor, and I’m ’bout to be PISSED if y’all don’t have one.”  After some bumbling around, this guy informs me that he has no idea why Clint would tell me they had one of those because they don’t carry those there.  He had never even HEARD of an IC2.

“Yeah, I’m gonna need a manager.”

I’ll give you the Cliff notes version from here.  Long story short…

Manager:  I’m sorry for your inconvenience, but the best we can do is order you one.  But we DO have this other Schwinn model…
Me:  How much will you knock off of that one for my trouble?
Manager:  Well, it’s already on sale for $100 less than what it usually sells for, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to do much for you.

The other model was a downgrade from what I wanted, but I seriously would have taken it just because I hated to leave there empty-handed.  I told him to give me a few minutes to check it out and all.  I decided it was okay and when he came back I told him to go ahead and go get me one.

A few minutes pass and then…

Manager:  I’m sorry, we’re a bunch of dumbasses.  We don’t have any of THOSE in stock either.  But I can order you one.  Because that’s my solution to EVERYTHING when we screw up.  (Okay, I may have paraphrased that a little bit.)
Me:  You have GOT to be fuckin’ kidding me.  (Yeah, I DIDN’T paraphrase that.)
Manager:  No, but we’ll be glad to order you one.
Me:  Of course you would.  And that’s shipped to my house, right?  For free?
Manager:  Oh, no, we can only do that on purchases over $400.
Me:  The one I originally came here to get WAS $400.  How much is shipping?
Manager:  Let me check……. $91.
Me:  I’m done here.

And that was it.  I left.  Spinless.  I called corporate the next day, and they were just as useless.  The chick with corporate said that she would do a search of all the stores in my region and have one sent to the Jackson store, which I told her would be fantastic, because we go to or through Jackson frequently and could easily pick it up there.  She said I would hear back from her by the next business day.

But I didn’t.

So I got online and went to the Schwinn web site to see if I could find other local dealers. (I could have ordered it on Amazon all along, but I wanted to buy it locally because I’m just impatient like that.)  And the funniest thing of all of this?  When you pull up the IC2 on their web site, there’s a big banner that says, “EXCLUSIVELY SOLD AT DICK’S SPORTING GOODS.”


And then I emailed Schwinn to let them know what a piece of shit their exclusive dealer is.  But apparently they don’t care either because all I got back from them was a generic “we’re sorry, we’re forwarding this to retail, you’ll hear back from us soon” email.  But guess what?  I never did.

What is WITH the crappy customer service these days???

So screw Dick’s AND Schwinn.

On the recommendation of a spinning maniac bloggy buddy, I went to Amazon and purchased a Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 on sale for less than what my cost would have been at Dick’s even after using my gift cards.

WITH FREE SHIPPING!  And it will be here tomorrow!