10-mile "Group Run"

And I use that term “group run” VERY loosely. I basically drove an hour and a half this morning to run 10 miles by myself.

Only about 30 or so people showed up. Maybe less. I don’t know what kept them from coming out. Maybe the forecasted rain? (Which it never did do, by the way…) Maybe the fact that it was 78 degrees with 80% humidity at 6:30? I don’t know. But they weren’t there.

In the emails the chair person told me not to worry about pace because they had members of all levels. BULL. CRAP. I started out with three chicks but by mile 1.5 I knew I had to let them go on ahead. Their LSD pace was 10:00. And they were the slow ones of the group. :/

There were a few ladies out there training to walk the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville, but that didn’t do me any good either. Slower than the runners but faster than the walkers. That’s me.

All was not lost though. The route was on the same course as the Clarksville HM that I ran last year and that I will be running again this year, so it does give me more experience and familiarity with the course.

It wasn’t a HORRIBLE run. It wasn’t my fastest 10 miles, but it wasn’t my slowest either.  (Overall pace was 11:24, which is actually at the fast end of McMillan’s calculated spectrum for what my LSD should be. So I’m not too broken-hearted.)  My legs just felt heavy and sluggish from the get-go. After I thought about it, though, it really didn’t surprise me. Last week I did my long run on Sunday, then I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and now today too. That’s five out of seven days, which is more than my body is used to.  I’m READY for these two upcoming rest days! I will probably throw in some light cross-training one day, but for the most part I’m taking advantage of the downtime.

Another reason it wasn’t a wasted trip is that I had to go to Clarksville anyway to get these.

And my club membership got me a sweet 10% discount!

Yep, it was that time. Today’s run put my Mizuno Wave Rider 13s at 302 miles, so it’s time to start working a new pair into the mix. They’ve been a good shoe for me, so I stuck with them.

I knew I was going shoe shopping after the run plus still had a 90-minute drive home, so I at least had the presence of mind to take a change of clothes with me. Alas, after the run there was nowhere to change! Let’s just say I relived some very old memories. It’s been a long time since I stripped down in the cab of a Z71!

I’m not writing off the club just yet. I’ve got things going on next week and the next that will keep me from being able to go, but I’ll probably head back the following week and give it another go. If I gave up on everything the first time it sucked, I wouldn’t be running anyway!

Just Another Day…

Nothing spectacular to report these days. S.S.D.D.

I’m two weeks into marathon training now, and so far so good. I’m getting all my miles in. I can’t say they’ve been enjoyable, but I’m getting them in. It’s still INCREDIBLY HOT here (we’re STILL under that excessive heat warning!), so my midweek runs have all been on the treadmill. I REALLY am trying, but I just do not love it. I just can’t seem to be able to channel my inner Emz! I’m still getting my weekend long runs done outside in the early morning, but even then it’s pretty miserable. I started my 9 this morning at 6:30 at 76 degrees with 89% humidity. By the time I finished it was already 83 with a “feels-like” of 89. But I still managed to pull out a personal best! To the tune of over 6 minutes, no less!

I’ve really been trying to educate myself on this whole training thing the past couple of weeks. Going through training for my previous two HMs, all of my training runs were basically the same thing, just of varying lengths. This time, I’m trying to make each run really count for something. Hopefully today’s time is an indication that I’m on the right track.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend. I’ll be going to Clarksville for my first group run with the Clarksville Running Club! I got my membership card in the mail this week, so I’m official now! They also sent me a schedule of their group runs, and it falls in line with mine PERFECTLY! They’ve got a bunch of women that are training for the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville next month, and their scheduled long runs line up with where I’m at in my training exactly. I’m really, really looking forward to meeting some new people who can push me. 🙂 However, I’m NOT looking forward to the early start! Group run starts at 6:30, and it’s an hour and a half from my house. Hello 4:00 wake-up call! Blech!

The things we do…

Another One Bites the Dust

One more month of 2010 GONE. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were grilling out for The Fourth of July?

So bring on August! It’s the last month of our hottest part of summer (THANK GOD!!!); it’s the official start of my marathon training; and it’s when we always take our end-of-summer trip to Florida. It’s gonna be a good month!

About this marathon training… 18 weeks from tomorrow we will be running the streets of Vegas! Woot! To get us there, we’ve decided on Hal Higdon’s novice program. My good buddy Hal has gotten me through my two half-marathons, so let’s see what he can do for me in a full.

The program will take care of the physical preparedness, but I know me and I know I’m gonna need a little mental stimulation along the way. Enter Clarksville Running Club! I’ve always done my training runs completely solo, but I’m going to try something new for this new marathon endeavor. I’m joining a running club. Clarksville is about an hour and a half away, so I don’t plan on joining them on their long runs just yet. I see no point in driving that far for a run that will take me less time than the drive. I’ll stick it out solo until I get into the higher mileage. I’ll wait until about week 7 or so. That’s when the long runs hit 12 miles and stay in the double digits for the duration. I talked to the lady heading up the club, and she said that she knew she had members that were going to be training for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis, and it just so happens that that race is the very same weekend as Vegas, so there will be lots of us running the same distances every weekend. I’m pretty stoked about joining and having some company. 🙂

Also on the topic of motivation, Abbi from Higher Miles had the brilliant idea of heading up a first-time marathoner’s virtual club! There are lots of us in the blogosphere that are training for our first right now, and Abbi took the initiative and started the Distance Dreamers. I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea, and hats off to her for organizing the whole thing!

So it seems like I’m all set! I’ve got the gear, I’ve got the support, and I’ve got the will–now if my heart, lungs, and legs will just play nice I’m golden!