Another Week in Paradise

There has been absolutely nothing postworthy about this week. 
I put in 40 ordinary hours at work.  I’ve run 18.5 uneventful miles along my typical routes and biked 45 unexciting minutes at the gym.  I went to the same ol ‘grocery store and cooked a few ho-hum meals.  I did the same mundane housework.  I sat in the same well-worn spot on the couch and watched the usual TV shows.  The only thing NOT ordinary about this week was this:
Snowy sunrise from the back door of my office.

We got about five inches of the prettiest, fluffiest, clingy-est snow I’ve ever seen Tuesday night.  You know, the kind that makes a killer snowball.  That made for a super fun Wednesday afternoon and two super tired dogs!

Embracing My Inner Old Lady

Apparently I’m practicing for retirement this weekend.  Yes, at 31 years old.

I ain’t done SQUAT!!!  We’ll call it catching up on some much-needed rest.  It’s been a monster of a week.

It started Thursday night.  I fell asleep on the couch watching $#*! My Dad Says just a couple of minutes after it came on.  D was all, “Are you seriously falling asleep at 7:30?”  I don’t remember my exact response, but I think it was something along the lines of, “Suck it, I’m sleepy.”  At some point I got in the bed and slept until my alarm clock forced me out of bed for work at 5:00 Friday morning. 

Friday night was equally exciting.  Taco Bell on the couch while watching Comedy Central Presents.  Rock on.

Up at 6 this morning, caught up on reading blogs, watched Social Network, ran 6 miles, showered, and took another nap.  Anybody noticing a pattern here?  I did finally get my butt off the couch long enough to put on some makeup and we went out to eat tonight.  Now I’m sitting here with a belly stuffed full of delicious cajun food watching Juno for the bazillionth time. 

Anybody want to take bets on how long I stay awake?  My money says approximately 4 more minutes.