Training Recap and Body Comp Check-in

Last week kind of got away from me.  I worked a lot of hours and missed a lot of workouts, and I was stressed, so I didn’t eat as well, so I really wasn’t expecting much when I stepped on the scale for the weekly check-in.
Monday – CrossFit
Tuesday – Walked 2 miles with dogs

Wednesday –Rest 

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 4.5 mile run and then worked in the yard.  I’m totally calling that a workout.

Saturday – Nada

Sunday – 6 mile run + core work

See?  Way less activity than what I’ve been doing, but I must have been doing something right because I still went the right direction this week.

Weight – 133.9 – down 0.9 pound from last week, 2.6 pounds total
Body fat % –  26.1 – down 0.2 % from last week, 0.7% total
BMI –  22.8 – down 0.2  from last week,  0.5 total

Not as much of a loss as the first week, but with a week like that, I’ll take it!

Training Recap and Body Comp Check-in

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m trying to shed a little bit of fat.  I feel like I put forth a solid effort the last few days and am off to a pretty good start!

Sunday – 6 easy miles @ 11:12
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3 easy miles @ 11:08 + CrossFit (Weightlifting:  Hanging clean + four front squats x 8.  Metcon: 10 med ball cleans + 10 burpees x 7)
Wednesday – 2 mile walk with dogs (soooooooo sore from Tuesday!)
Thursday – 30 minutes on the spin bike at moderate intensity
Friday – Rest.  Punked out of a planned 4-mile run.  Shitty day at work.  Got home late and crashed instead.
Saturday – 3 mile fartlek @ 10:37  (75 degrees feels effing hot after this winter) and 2 mile walk with dogs.
Sunday – 2 mile walk with dogs and 4 easy miles @ 11:22 (79 degrees.  Low heart rate + rising temperatures = slower paces)

And most importantly!

Weight – 134.8 – down 1.7 pounds
Body fat % –  26.3 – down 0.5 %
BMI –  23.0 – down  0.3%

Headed in the right direction!

Chasing Numbers

It seems like I’m always chasing numbers of some sort.  Miles in a month, miles in a year, minutes in a mile, number of reps, numbers on a scale… well, I’ve added a new one to replace that last one.  Well, maybe not replace, but more like modify.  The numbers will still be on the scale, but just a different unit of measure.  I’m not looking at the pounds anymore.  Okay, maybe peeking, but not obsessing over.  I bought a new scale Monday.  One that shows body fat percentage and BMI.  THAT’S what I’ll be looking at from now on.

Today, right now, this minute, my starting point is 26.8 with a BMI of 23.3 (at a weight of 136.5–there, I said it.)  Depending on what chart you look at, you’ll see words like normal, ideal, or fit.  Yes, I consider myself all those things, but I want to move down one category.  Most charts seem to be calling that category the same thing:  athletic.  YES!  That’s what I want to be!  No longer do I want to be X number of pounds.  I want to be ATHLETIC.  Because an ATHLETIC person HAS to run faster than a NORMAL person, right?!?!