Still Truckin’

As incredible as the 18 miles went last Saturday, so was the pain that followed.  I did everything I was supposed to do after the run–ice, ibuprofen, stretched, and rolled–but it didn’t keep the pain at bay.  We and some friends went that night to the Bell Witch Cave (a HUGE flop, by the way!!!  Not at all what we expected!) and that involved quite a bit of walking.  I hobbled along, wincing with every step.  By Sunday, after a few rounds of ice and 3200 mg of ibuprofen, I was fine.

As I’d mentioned before, I had an appointment scheduled with the sports doc on Wednesday.  I decided to go to the chiropractor the day before that just to see if he could throw anything else in there.  I love my chiropractor.  He’s a Boston-qualifying runner, and he’s injured everything imaginable, so he knows.  He did say my hips and low back were out of alignment, so he twisted and contorted my body into all sorts of interesting positions.  He also said I had a little bit of a patellar tracking issue and sent me home with a different knee strap.  I had bought this one at Walgreens, but he told me I needed one more like this with the V-groove.  I tried it on a five-miler, and I had to take it off by mile 2.  It made it hurt worse.  I tried it looser, tighter, pulled to the left, pulled to the right.  It just freakin’ hurt, and I NEVER hurt by mile 2.

The sports orthopedist really didn’t have much to say Wednesday.  There are no problems in the joint that he can feel on physical exam.  He said it feels like a good, healthy knee to him.  But he ordered an MRI for November the 1st so he can see what’s going on behind the kneecap where the pain is.

In a nutshell, I’ve been to two doctors, paid two copays, and bought two knee braces, and I know nothing more than I’ve known all along.

But nobody said to stop running, so running I am!  Although those five miles were the only five miles I ran last week until Saturday, when I ran my scheduled 14, but we won’t get into all that… haha

But those 14!  Although it was not a successful run pace-wise, they were the most ENJOYABLE 14 miles I’ve run yet!  Vegas Marathon Buddy was in town for the weekend and we got to run together.  This was the first and last time we will run together before the marathon.  I think we learned a valuable lesson Saturday.  Talking while running takes a LOT of energy.  Come December 5th, we may have to just SHUT UP AND RUN!   lol

I’ve got a half marathon on the agenda for this coming Saturday.  I’m not gonna go completely balls out, but I do want to get a healthy PR out of it.  This is the same course that I ran as my very first HM a year ago, so I’m kinda excited to see what kind of time I end up with.