Flyin’ Solo

So the MRI confirmed it.  M has a tibial stress fracture and a small meniscal tear.

I swear, I couldn’t be more upset if it were my own leg.  😦

So this first-time marathoner will officially be making her maiden voyage solo.  Guess I’d better be making me one heck of a playlist!!!

My 20-miler was today.  It went pretty well.  My ONLY goal for today was to get in the distance and to keep the knee as happy as possible.  I succeeded at both.  The time was not impressive, but considering all the walking (mostly for the knee’s sake–see goal #2) and the time that I spent coming back by the house for a pit stop and to change shoes (breaking in a new pair), I can’t be too upset about the finish time.  Yes, I include all my stops in my time.  Once I hit that start button with my first step, I don’t hit stop until I’m done.

I did find myself feeling sluggish though.  When I got up into the double digits I was like, “UGH!  Why are my legs so DEAD???  I’ve run these distances before!!!”

Then it hit me.

Until this week, the most I had run in a 7-day period was 30 miles.  It was at about that mark that my knee started acting up and I started cutting out midweek runs.  At the end of 20 miles today, that put my 7-day total for this week at 46 miles.  No freakin’ wonder my legs were like lead!  It was because I messed with my schedule last weekend and ran on Sunday instead of Saturday.  Sunday’s 15, Wednesday’s 5, Thursday’s 6, and Saturday’s 20 added up without me realizing it.  I was just so excited to be able to run at at manageable pain level again that I just RAN and didn’t do the math!  Oh well, it all worked out.

All aboard the taper train!!!