Fyrne Lake 10K Trail Race Report

Several months ago I registered for a 10k that was scheduled for this morning.  During my last 10K, I missed my goal time by a stinking 34 seconds.  I viewed this as my rematch.  I knew that it was a trail run, but because I believed what was on the web site, I thought I may just have a shot at that PR.

From the web site:  “This is a beginner friendly trail run located in the beautiful Fyrne Lake Farms. This course has very little technical terrain. Most of the course is flat or downhill.” 
Let me just say this.  LIES!!!!!  ALL LIES, I TELL YOU!!!!  ALL LIES!!!!!!!
I realize that a lot of the technicality of today’s run wasn’t anyone’s fault.  It rained Thursday and Friday before the race, and dirt + rain = mud any way you wanna look at it.  Also fallen leaves + rain = slickness.  But the part about flat and downhill?  Yeah, that’s where the lies come in.
Uh-huh.  Flat my lily white ass.
At least they got the “beautiful” part right.  Because it. was. BEAUTIFUL.  I wish I had taken my camera because looking over the bluff with the trees all changing colors… it was breathtaking.
Anyway, I think it goes without saying that I didn’t come anywhere CLOSE to what I would have run had this been a road race.  Given that this was my first trail run EVER, I’ll take what I got and go with it.  I’m really not sure that I’ll be participating in anymore trail races though.  It obviously takes someone much more coordinated than I to be able to navigate trails successfully.  If there was a hole or a loose rock or a hidden puddle on that course, you can bet it was me that found it.  I can definitely see the appeal of training on trails, but I don’t think I have any interest in racing one again.  I’m just an asphalt kind of gal.
Next up:  St. Jude Half Marathon!

Race Report: West TN Strawberry Festival 10K

Honest to goodness, there really isn’t anything exciting to tell.  I showed up a little after 7:00, handed over a check for $20, and they handed me back a T-shirt and a paper sack with an ink pen, a key chain, two pieces of gum, an emery board, and a can coozie inside.  Score.

At 8:00, the race director herded us to the start line where a kid played the National Anthem on her trumpet for us.  She also cued our start by playing the “Charge!” thingie.

And we ran.  Up hills and down hills and up hills and down hills and… well, you get it.  The first 3.5 miles or so were all rollers.  Which was absolutely cool by me.  I went into this race with a goal of keeping a 9:40 pace for a finish time of sub-1hr.  I ran solid 9:20s and 9:30s the first four miles, and then we got to the looooooong uphills the last two miles.  Those were what killed me.  I had to stop and walk up parts of them.  Yep.  During a 10K, I stopped to walk.  Twice.  And it killed my pace average.

Official distance:  10K
Official time:  1:00:34
Official pace:  9:45

I beat myself up pretty good about it, but you know what?  It’s still a better pace than I’ve ever run a 6-mile training run, and it was a pretty challenging course, so it’s still improvement.  And an automatic PR as it was my first 10K.  I’ll take what I got and I’ll get my <1:00:00 next time.

Three Things Thursday

1.   D’s grandmother was finally released from the hospital yesterday.  After the valve replacement, she was scheduled for a pacemaker, but that surgery had to be postponed because she developed pneumonia.  While they were treating the pneumonia, her arrhythmia apparently worked itself out because they’ve decided that she doesn’t need the pacemaker right now after all.  Praise the Lord!

2.   I’m running my first 10K Saturday morning!  Instant PR!  WOOHOO!  I do hope to at least break an hour though.

3.   I’m so ready to just get off work and chill out tonight.  It’s been go-go-go since sometime last week.  Today is a rest day, and I’ve already informed D that tonight is a “you’re on your own” night for supper.  We’re going to see his grandma when he gets off work, and other than that I ain’t doing a DANG THANG.  And there may be wine involved.